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Top 3 Ways On How To Flip a Domain And Make Money

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If you are looking for a new online business venture in 2022, then you might consider learning how to flip a domain. This is because domain flipping is a highly profitable business that has continued to grow in popularity.

With the predicted increase in buying and selling domain names in 2022, and many domainers looking for the best way to flip a domain for maximum profit. It is timely for a beginner to learn the ropes of how to flip a domain and eat out of the pie in this market

I feel so excited talking about this awesome business model. Why? The potential to make money from it is enormous and that’s why many people are trying to get into this market.

Think these are all made up? See this.

According to a surprising Godaddy statistic, was the most expensive domain ever sold in history, fetching $872 million. The domain name was sold for $90 million in 2005. After ten years, Qihoo, a Chinese company, purchased the domain for $17 million in 2015. 

Somehow, you might say to yourself, “Well, the odds of you making such an amount is too high and almost impossible” Somehow true.

However, there are numerous examples of well-meaning people achieving much more modest and attainable objectives. Ali Zandi, a well-known domainer, for example, made $58000 in 60 days by selling eight domains. Another important deal handled by Zandi was the $2 million sale of

Hearing about these huge figures will make anyone’s head spin. You then begin to ask yourself questions like: How can I get a piece of this pie?, If it’s too late to jump on it now? If you need a huge budget to get started.

This is why on this post, We will be diving extensively into everything about how to flip a domain for maximum profit

But before then , it’s pertinent we understand what domain flipping is how domain flipping works. So

What Is Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is a process whereby an individual buys a domain name for a certain amount and sells the domain name for more than they bought it. It’s a form of arbitrage where people buy low and sell high. They do this by buying domains with potential and reselling them at a higher price – both to businesses and individuals.

How Does Domain Flipping Work?

Domain flipping has been around for a long time now. People who flip domains make money from them by creating websites and then selling them for a profit.  Or simply purchase a Domain and resell it for a higher price. 

One method for flipping a domain is to develop content around it. Domainers (those who buy and sell domains) used to be just concerned with buying and selling domains, but they are now realizing that they can flip a domain and make more money as its value rises.

In many ways, the domain name sector is analogous to the house flipping industry. End users, brokers, consultants, and domain flippers (sometimes known as “domainers”) are all types of people who buy and sell domains. So just like buying a house, upgrading it (or even just waiting on it), and then reselling it at a higher price point, same thing goes on in domain Flipping

Why Should You Learn How To Flip A Domain In 2022

Well, as already pointed out in the introduction, Domain flipping is a highly profitable online venture but much more than that, the knowledge of how to flip a domain offers even more benefits. They include:

1. Making Extra Income

Today everyone just wants to make extra income. Domain flipping is one business that can help you achieve this without much stress.

Also, with enough resources and information on how to flip a domain on your plate, you can turn it into a full time business and earn good money doing that.

2. Easy To Get Started

Domain Flipping has a very low barrier to entry because anyone can do it with just the right information. There is no technicality or high-tech gadget required for one to begin. With just an internet connection, a computer and a few dollars, you can start flipping domains right away.

3. Low Risk

Any business that has a low entry barrier is usually associated with low risks. This is because the capital to invest is usually very low and so the fear of losing money is minimally reduced.

Top 3 Steps On How To Flip A Domain For Profits

Anyone learning how to flip a domain, or even those who have done so before, can find a valuable domain using one of two approaches.

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But before that, there are three major factors to consider when searching for domains and especially for beginners still learning how to flip a domain

  • Pay Attention To Popular TLDs

In the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet, a top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level after the root domain. The last part of a domain name, or the section following the “dot” sign, is referred to as a top-level domain in basic terms (TLD).

The top-level domain (TLD), such, is the domain name’s ending.

There are a plethora of TLDs available these days. However, not all TLDs are popular or profitable. You must ensure that you are purchasing TLDs that people will be interested in. This is an indication that you understand the business of how to flip a domain

Among all the most popular TLDs, people are more familiar with TLD, hence they are more likely to trust sites with that TLD. This is because it is significantly more popular than any of the others. 

However, there are other popular ones that you should also look out for, such as .net, .org, .co, .io, .me. They are among the most popular TLDs

  • Is The Domain Brandable?

Brandable domain names are domains that are easy to remember, unique, distinctive and most often less than 10 characters. A careful observation will reveal to you that the most popular websites all have brandable domain names.

So when looking at how to flip a domain, one factor to consider is if the domain you are about to buy is brandable. The truth is brandable domains sell better. Hence, Brandable domain names are much easier to flip and often fetch a higher price.

  • Is The Domain Search Friendly

Finding out if the domain is search friendly is another element to consider to demonstrate your knowledge of how to flip a domain.

A search-friendly domain is one that is related to what searchers are looking for and has been optimized to perform well in search engines, usually using a keyword.

In the SERPs, domain names that include an SEO term are more likely to be clicked on. and may also aid in a site’s overall ranking. As a result, individuals will be more likely to pay for a search-friendly domain than for one that isn’t.

In other words, domains that are search-friendly are more valuable.

How do you choose a domain name that is search engine friendly: Here’s how it works:

  • You will want to see if the domain name has a keyword in it
  • Check the keyword’s monthly search volume to check if it’s in a reasonable range. It easier it is to sell a domain with a high number of searches and it will often worth more

So here are the two major ways of getting a domain names

1. Manual Search

The first step in learning how to flip a domain is to choose a domain that is worth buying. There are a number of tools and software programs available to help in this procedure. By browsing through domain name providers such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, and others, you might be able to find a great domain name if you’re lucky.

Manually searching for domains is also possible by visiting markets and directories such as Sedo, Flippa, and NameBio and looking at domains that are currently for sale.

Alternatively, you can search for expired/dropped domain names on websites like or or use powerful tools such as Spamzilla, a tool that helps you find and qualify expired and dropped domains while also showing backlink data. That means you can use it to find domains that have huge SEO value and large backlink profiles already.

Another similar tool is Domain Hunter Gatherer, specialized software that helps internet marketers easily find quality expired domains quickly and efficiently in real-time

Both SpamZilla & Domain Hunter Gatherer are super powerful tools offering all of the features needed to find profitable domains even for a complete beginner learning how to flip a domain

2. Drop-catching

Another common strategy to learn how to flip a domain is domain drop catching, sometimes called domain sniping. It simply means the act of other buyers swooping in and taking over a fully expired domain immediately after expiration.

How Drop catching works

When a domain expires, it enters a Redemption Grace Period (RGP), which gives the owner one final chance to regain it (typically 30 to 90 days). After this time, it is made public so that others can register.

People can use a drop-catching service to bid on a domain name that is now in the RGP and will be available for registration soon. The program then chooses the highest bidder and tries to register the name on their behalf through several domain providers as soon as it becomes available.

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Although this does not ensure that you will obtain the domain, it is your best chance of obtaining one once it becomes available. This is because it is hard and will require you staying online almost 24/7 in order not to loose it to another person

However, various Drop-catching services are available to help you secure a name after it expires, giving you a competitive advantage. These services will assist you in automating the process of obtaining domains as soon as they become available – before anyone else.

We propose NameJet if you’re looking for a drop-catching service. Others Include:


2. Register The domain Name(s)

When you’ve completed your domain search and review and discovered some good domain names to buy, It’s time to purchase and register the domain.

This is normally a simple and straightforward procedure that takes very little time.

The registrar where the domain is hosted will be provided to you by the provider you used to acquire the domain.

There are numerous domain registrars available. You must select a reputable domain registrar with excellent customer service.

Godaddy and Namecheap are the most popular domain registrars and there are plenty of tutorials on how to register domains on these platforms

3. Find Potential Domain Buyers.

You don’t want to sell the domain just for the sake of selling it. You want to sell it for more than you spent for it to earn a decent profit.

One of the main reasons you’re learning everything you can about how to flip a domain is to make money.

It’s vital to know how much a domain is worth before selling it as well as to sell it to someone who knows how much it’s worth and is prepared to pay for it.

However, there are three methods for you can go about selling your acquired domain

  • Selling At Domain Auction Sites

Domain auction websites are websites whose technology allows customers to effortlessly list and acquire a large number of domains.

Users can buy and sell currently registered domain names at a domain name auction and even buy a previously registered domain that matches their needs from a seller.

If you’re looking for the fastest way in the market to sell your domain name. Then using domain auction sites is your best bet. These sites operate in a similar fashion to online auction sites such as eBay

You simply create a listing, set a reserve price or min openings bid, and in some cases a “Buy It Now Price”. 

Note however that the majority of buyers on domain name auctions sites are domain name investors (individuals who are also looking for how to flip a domain and make a profit doing it)

So you shouldn’t be expecting high-profit margin going through this route as you will be selling your domain name at so-called “wholesale” or reseller price levels

A few of the popular domain auction sites include:

GoDaddy Auctions : A marketplace populated with individuals and companies that are looking for exclusive, soon-to-expire domain names to add to their domain name portfolios. With over 900,000 users every month and with GoDaddy’s status as the world’s #1 domain registrar. You can be sure that your auction listing will get plenty of exposure as long as it’s valuable.

Flippa: Although Flippa is largely a marketplace for buying and selling online companies, it is another domain auction service.

Flippa distinguishes itself from other markets by allowing you to provide a thorough description for your auction listing.

Namejet: Namejet is a domain name company that operates an auction marketplace for domain name buyers and sellers. There are a lot of buyers on the site. Although not everyone is allowed to put domain names for sale on NameJet, the site does offer an online option for submitting your domains for auction consideration in the future. They do not auction all names submitted in order to deliver the finest quality domains to their buyers.

  • Buy-And-Hold Method

Just as the name goes, You buy the domain and hold onto it, waiting for it to increase in value before selling it out. 

This is the slow way of selling domains because of the time you will have to wait for the value to appreciate. But don’t let this turn you off. This is actually the best method to get the highest profit from domain flipping

Financially capable domainers with great experience of how to flip a domain uses this approach more as they always see into the future of domains

One way you can sell domains while holding is to simply set up a landing page on the domain advertising it for sale while ensuring that you include everything that makes it valuable, highlighting the benefits for the buyer.

A For-Sale landing page will let any visitor immediately know that your domain name is available for purchase and how to get in touch. Interested buyers can contact you through the landing page to show their interest. Simple

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Alternatively, you can list it in domain Marketplaces( not auction sites) after a period of holding.

Listing your domain name for sale on domain marketplaces doesn’t mean it won’t add value.

Many of the large marketplaces have repeat buyers and a so-called distribution network in which they partner with other websites such as registrars to put your domain name in front of potential buyers across the globe.

Examples of such large domain Marketplaces include:

Sedo:  With over 18 million domains listed there and over 2 million monthly visitors. Sedo is one of the largest domain marketplaces. The beauty of this marketplace is that it’s free to list your domain on it and also, they promote your domain on other affiliated sites plus their own visitors giving you all the exposure you need.

Afternic: This is a domain marketplace  owned by GoDaddy giving it a huge advantage over similar marketplaces. It prides itself on listing over 5 million domain names with over 75 million domain searches per month. Listing here is also free except for the commission you pay after a successful sale

Other great marketplaces include Brand bucket, Brandroot Etc

  • Create Your Own Marketplace

This is the third method of selling your domain and is particularly perfect if you are already experienced in how to flip a domain and want to build a fully-fledged domain flipping business.

As a beginner still learning the ropes of how to flip a domain, you might want to consider the first and second option

So for an established domainer, you can simply create a small marketplace and list all of your domains for sale there. 

The key to making your marketplace successful is curating a portfolio of valuable domain names. And of course, you don’t just want to offer just one domain. You’ll need to build a bigger portfolio of domains. So it’s a more capital-intensive option.

The advantages of this include building a personal brand and establishing yourself as a trusted provider of quality domain names. But the downside is that since you are basically running the business as your own personal brand, you will need to take care of everything from operations to marketing.

One tip for faster success here is choosing to niche down and only provide domains in a specific industry

Top 3 Categories Of Domains You Can Flip

1. Expired Domains

A domain that has expired means that the individual or corporation who registered it has stopped paying for it. When this happens, the domain name becomes expired and is usually put up for auction. You can then purchase expired domains by bidding on them.

Why would you desire a domain name that has already expired?

The value of an expired domain in terms of SEO is the major reason you might consider buying it. The fact that a domain name has expired does not indicate that the links pointing to it have vanished. In terms of SEO, these links can be quite beneficial. You will pass a major percentage of the “link juice” to the new domain by redirecting the domain to another URL.

2. Local Domains

Domains linked with local companies are known as local domains. They’ve shown to be effective for SEO because they tell search engines where your business is located without having to look at the page’s content.

Local search engine optimization has expanded from a niche business to a multibillion-dollar industry in recent years. One of the reasons you should concentrate on purchasing local domain names is this.

As local small businesses spring up all the time, selling such names is simple and profitable.

As a result, you’ll be able to sell common domain names for these enterprises to local small company owners eager to get started. and are two examples of local domains.

GoDaddy and Namecheap are two of the greatest sources to get outstanding local domains

3. New Domains

Another category of domains you can flip is brand New Domains that have never been used before. In searching for such domains, you will have to be very creative and deliberate.

Come up with tons of domain names in a particular niche that you think will be valuable. You could do this by incorporating keywords into it or making it brandable.

There is no limit to how your creativity and knowledge of how to flip a domain name can carry you when going for a new domain. Just be sure there is likely going to be a future in the domain

You can use any of the popular domain providers such as Namecheap, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc for this search. 


If you’ve been thinking about going into domain flipping. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this post on how to flip domain and make money in 2022. Domain flipping is one of the most effective methods for making money online with little to no effort and with the knowledge gotten here. I am convinced that you have understood completely how to flip a domain and make the most of your domain flipping business

So Congratulations on learning how to flip a domain. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions regarding how to flip a domain. Thanks for reading


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