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Top 20 Best Ideas To Make Money At Home 2022

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Did you know that your income from your job will likely not increase much in the next few years, if at all it will but your expenses are only going to continue to rise. So finding a way to earn extra income is a wise choice and if you’re interested in getting the best ideas to make money at home in 2022, you are at the right place

The internet has made it easier than ever to make money at home, and you don’t even need to be tech savvy to take advantage of it. Whether you want to make extra money on the side, supplement your current income, or become financially independent, there are dozens of ideas out there that can help you achieve your goals—working from home even without a job

Here are the 20 best ideas to make money at home in 2022. You just have to find which ones work best for you!

20 Best Ideas To Make Money At Home

To make money, there are many options available these days, but these 20 best ideas will help you get started in earning an income that works for you.

1) Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are a great multi-tasker, are looking for a flexible part-time job and great ideas to make money at home, and have excellent organizational skills then becoming a virtual assistant may be for you. 

You can help out with all kinds of day-to-day business tasks like answering emails, planning schedules, making travel arrangements, and keeping track of expenses. Being able to type quickly is important, as well as knowing how to use various computer programs such as Microsoft Office or Google Apps. 

Not all employers, however, will be ready to hire workers from other countries. As a result, people in your country will most likely hire you. This isn’t to mean that you won’t get hired by people from other countries. This is why finding a client through a freelance site is the best option.

2) Invest in Rental Properties

Investing in rental properties is one of the best Ideas to make money at home.

Residential real estate is a huge and lucrative industry, one you can venture into on your own and make money without getting a traditional job

Because residential real estate comes with greater risk than traditional investing, you’ll want to thoroughly research your location and property type before buying. 

If you don’t know where to start for someone in the US, check out sites like Zillow for tips on rental properties in your area. You can also try using rentals in your current neighborhood as a side business idea. 

If you have experience or connections within the apartment industry, then consider reaching out to local property managers and putting together a deal to manage their properties. 

You could even start building a portfolio of successful rental properties over time—not bad for a side business idea that costs next to nothing, right? 

3) Start an Etsy Shop

It’s no secret that Etsy is a fantastic marketplace for creatives to showcase their wares. 

So one of the best ideas to make money at home is by setting up an online store on Etsy—it’s a place where you can sell your handmade items, vintage pieces, and even craft supplies. 

There are people making six-figure incomes from Etsy who manage their businesses full-time working at home—and it all comes down to hard work and dedication. If you’re interested in learning more about how to start an Etsy shop, check out our comprehensive step-by-step guide.

How to Start An Etsy Shop: A Step-By-Step Guide

4) Take Surveys for Extra Cash

Taking paid surveys from the legit site is one of the proven ideas to make money at home for moms, teens, and college students

We know money is tight for a lot of people—and if that’s you, then you’re likely looking for any way possible to earn some extra cash. One easy way to do that is by taking surveys. 

There are a number of legitimate survey sites out there that will pay you cash and/or points in exchange for your thoughts on various products and services. While it might not be enough to live off of or save up for anything major, every little bit counts. Plus, it’s nice getting paid for having fun! 

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5) Drive UBER/Lyft For Extra Income

Uber and Lyft have made it easier than ever to earn extra income, especially if you’re a driver in a big city. 

Being your own boss is one perk, but it’s important to note that driving for Uber or Lyft doesn’t make you an employee of either company, so it’s considered as one of the ideas to make money at home (not literally)

Still, for some people (especially those who drive during non-peak hours), Uber and Lyft are great ways to earn extra cash on nights and weekends. 

Just keep in mind that, since they’re not technically employers, Uber and Lyft don’t provide health insurance or other benefits.

That said, here are some reasons why you might want to sign up: Earn more money: Both companies let drivers set their own schedules—so if you can find periods when demand is low (and prices high), working fewer hours could actually mean more take-home pay.

6) Create a T-Shirt Business

One of the easiest ways and ideas to make money at home is to create a T-shirt business. With many companies, you can open your own store through their website and sell t-shirts with your own designs on them. Two popular company are Printify and Printful

Even if you don’t have experience designing or drawing anything, there are plenty of tools that allow you to create beautiful images quickly and easily. 

A simple Google search will show you dozens of websites offering these tools; all you need to do is figure out what kind of image (or message) will drive people to want your product! 

These shirts can then be sold online or in person; some cities even host T-Shirt Walks where t-shirt designers set up shop outside public events like concerts or sports games and offer people blank shirts for only a couple of dollars. 

All they ask in return is that you come back another day and fill it with an original design. It’s a great way to build brand recognition, test new ideas, get positive feedback from potential customers, and grow your customer base without breaking the bank.

7) Do Day Trading Online

Day trading allows you to buy and sell securities or other financial instruments within a day. 

For example, instead of buying stocks to hold for a few years, you can use day trading as an investment strategy. This gives you more flexibility to trade based on market conditions rather than time frames. 

If you have an online brokerage account, it is likely that your platform offers day-trading functionality. 

The potential downside with day trading is a risk due to short-term trades that can quickly turn into losses if not executed properly. 

Before starting any new investment strategy, consult with a professional who has experience in your desired field. 

There are also risks associated with online brokerages and digital wallets which should be considered before investing money in day trading.

However, trading has remained one of the hottest ideas to make money at home in the last few years

8) Join Freelancer & Work on Websites

Freelancing is a popular job option these days and one of the best ideas to make money at home. Whether you’re looking to build your portfolio, make a little extra cash or start a business on your own terms, freelancing can give you just that. 

Freelancers can sell their services through online marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork, which make it easy to set up listings and get paid quickly. It’s pretty straightforward, right? 

All you have to do is deliver high-quality work consistently over time and enjoy an increasing number of lucrative opportunities. 

If only things were always so simple! The reality is that there are many common mistakes entrepreneurs make when getting started with freelancing—and they can have lasting consequences if they aren’t addressed immediately. 

9) Tutor Students Online

The number of online tutoring services has skyrocketed in recent years—and it’s easy to see why. Not only do you get to set your own hours, but you can work with students all over the world and earn decent money doing that

And don’t worry: not all online tutoring jobs are English language ones; if your mother tongue is something other than English, it might be worth looking into. 

Some require degrees and teaching experience, while others are more open (though less reputable). As always, research your employer thoroughly before agreeing to any position. 

How much tutors make depends greatly on their skills, reputation, and client base. According to ZipRecruiter, experienced teachers earn between $20-$30/hour on average nationwide. You can also monetize your personal talents by becoming a YouTube instructor! These are all amazing ideas to make money at home in 2022

10) Play Games For Money

You don’t have to be a child prodigy with lightning reflexes and fast-twitch muscles to make money playing video games for a living. 

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With so many companies offering competitive salaries and perks like employee retreats, you can get paid to play video games from home or on location at gaming events. 

If your skill level is high enough and your personality friendly enough to win fans in online matches, you can rake in serious dough. 

Even if you aren’t quite as skilled (yet), there are plenty of other ways that gamers can make money! So grab your mouse and keyboard, roll up your sleeves—and prepare to click away! Play Games For Money

11) eBook Author

An eBook is a digital book that’s sold in your online store or on Amazon and other places like Apple Books or Nook. You can sell your own self-published book, so that’s one way to make money at home. 

You can also create an eBook as part of a product launch or some kind of launch sequence for another product. For example, if you were starting a fitness business, you could use your ebook to launch it by selling it during its pre-launch period. 

Or maybe you have an upcoming webinar where people are registering to attend. Offer them an exclusive sneak peek into your content via eBook! This allows readers who are interested in what you have to say but can’t attend live session access to all that cool stuff they would miss out on if they didn’t register for your event.

12) Mobile App Developer

With app usage on smartphones increasing by 300% in 2017, according to comScore, it’s clear there’s a demand for mobile apps. And, with mobile accounting for more than 50% of all digital traffic, it’s also clear that demand is going to continue to rise and this could be a great idea to make money at home

Making money at home as an app developer is definitely possible if you know how to write in Objective-C or Swift, two languages utilized by iOS developers.

There are countless firms eager to recruit competent iPhone and Android programmers remotely, whether your focus is design, development, or business strategy. Sprint and General Electric, for example, are both seeking for iPhone app developers!

So if you’re tech-savvy and comfortable with computers, a career as a mobile app developer might be a good fit. Mobile developers design apps that can be downloaded onto virtually any type of smartphone or tablet. 

Because these applications are created for specific software platforms, they can often only be used on certain devices. That said, some apps can be found on multiple platforms (and may even cross over to PCs or Macs), so it’s important to research your potential market before diving in. 

13) Start An Online Store (Etsy, Shopify, etc.)

If you’re looking for ideas to make money at home, but don’t have a lot of extra time and money to invest in your own huge physical business, starting an online store might be right for you. 

Think about what you already do well (are known for), and start turning it into a product. 

For example, if you can write well, start by selling articles on websites like InfoBarrel. 

If you know how to knit, turn your hobby into something more serious with Etsy. 

The possibilities are endless! Just remember that running an online business takes effort – particularly at first – so give yourself plenty of time to get off on the right foot before making any major financial commitments.

14) Waste Management

Cleaning up your home of clutter is a terrific way to earn some extra cash, and it’s one of the most simple methods to earn money at home these days. People frequently look for free ways to dispose of objects that are no longer in use but are still in good condition, such as giving them away or selling them at a garage sale.

It’s easy: just ask your neighbors if they have any old furniture or appliances you might use!

The best part about cleaning up other people’s messes? Most people don’t realize just how much valuable stuff they could be making money off of. 

For example, someone might give you a couch because it reminds them too much of an ex-partner and he or she wants to get rid of it—but once you dust it off and clean it up, there might be several hundred dollars hidden inside!

15) Web Development

You don’t need to be a computer whiz to make money in tech, but knowledge of various aspects of Web development—HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.—can be very useful. A lot of people who start with limited knowledge can build up an impressive skill set over time. 

This is especially true if you have an aptitude for problem-solving and you’re willing to learn new languages as needed on your journey. 

If that sounds like something you want to pursue, there are plenty of online coding bootcamps or classes that could get you started. What should I study first? There isn’t a singular best course; even Udemy has many choices. 

What matters most is what area of development interests you and that it makes sense for where you are in life (i.e., will have use when looking for work). Don’t let that stop you from learning more than one aspect though!

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With this knowledge and skills, you can make good money working at home by designing websites for clients.

16) Low Content Publishing

Publishing a book on Amazon is a low-cost and easy way to earn money from home. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows anyone to self-publish books for free and sell them worldwide, making it possible for authors to reach new audiences without relying on any middlemen. 

But the sweetest part of it all is that even if you’re not good at writing or have the money to hire a writer to write for you. You can still make a killing as a publisher with Amazon Kdp. In other words, you can publish books on Amazon without writing a single paragraph. 

Incredible! But it’s true. This is what is called kdp Low or no content publishing. Thousands of people are making 7 figures monthly without writing anything. See this detailed article on how to make passive income doing low content publishing.

It’s one of the best Ideas to make money at home in 2022 and it’s as a matter of fact a very hot business model amongst millennials now

17) Remote Technical Support

For our purposes, remote technical support jobs are perfect because they allow you to work as many or as few hours as you want in your own time without having to physically go into an office. 

While some companies will require you to work a minimum of 20-30 hours a week, there are plenty that will let you create your own schedule and have complete control over how much money you make. 

If working from home sounds like something that would be interesting to you then these are definitely worth looking into. 

Companies such as User Testing, ThinkLab and Userlytics hire for paid remote positions—we’ve written about each previously so I won’t go too deep into it here.

But if you want more info just check out those articles for more details! 

And with companies such as User Testing paying up to $10/hour with unlimited survey opportunities available, it’s well worth checking out if you’re interested in taking your job search further on Upwork

18) Transcription Services

Transcription jobs are usually less intense and sometimes more reliable than some of their other work-from-home counterparts. 

Transcription work can be done from anywhere as long as you have a computer and some basic equipment like headphones, a foot pedal, or transcription software. 

Transcriptionists mostly make money by transcribing recordings for court reporters, depositions, speeches, and conversations, or just about any audio that needs to be typed out. It’s one of the hot ideas to make money at home

Transcribing audio takes a decent amount of skill, but it’s a great way to make money at home on your own schedule.

You can find almost any type of audio files posted online—and there are companies out there looking for English-speaking transcribers. Either of these options could be a real advantage if you’re struggling to get work done in an office setting.

Once you gain some experience and confidence, why not look into starting your own transcription business?

If nothing else, doing some extra research and preparation will put you in good stead with hiring managers when a position becomes available should you consider working 9 to 5

You might want to check out how to start a transcription business here

19) Resume/CV Services

People all over the world require assistance with resumes and CVs, ranging from seasoned professionals who have been laid off but are unsure how to update their CV to high school students who need it done quickly before applying for summer internships.

If you already know how to write a solid CV or are willing to learn, you can earn an unlimited amount of money by providing services to individuals from the comfort of your own home.

20) Flipping Domain Names

A domain name is like a phone number for your website; it’s what people will type into their browser to get to you. If that name is available, it can be very valuable—you can buy low and sell high making it one of the smartest ideas to make money at home.

The big problem with buying and selling domain names is that there are so many of them—but there are services out there, like GoDaddy Auctions, that streamline that process for you. 

Bidding on these auctions begins at $0.99 instead of $1.99 or more, as it does on several internet shops. These auctions have a 60-day guarantee: if someone buys your domain name, they have 60 days to use it or lose it—no questions asked!

You can acquire a domain for $10 and sell it for $5,000 to $6,000 in a few months if you practice name flipping. It’s a lucrative business that’s similar to flipping houses. Do you want to know more?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to flip a domain and make money doing it


How do you know what ideas to make money at home in 2022? How do you know they’re going to be successful? How do you know you’re not going to waste time and money on them? That’s why we created this list of the 10 best ideas to make money at home in 2022. 

You may have heard that there are plenty of ways to make money at home, but not all of them are good ideas and not all of them are good long-term investments. 

The 20 ideas to make money at home outlined above are the top ones as chosen by entrepreneurs, so you can be sure they’re proven methods that will generate income over time. 

Note that some of these require work upfront to get started, while others can be done right away with little or no money out of pocket.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this piece and found it valuable. Leave a comment down below should you have any concerns or contribution about the subject matter

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