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Top 14 High Paying Online Social Media Jobs From Home

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Getting an online social media job from home can be an effective way to make money while working from home, and can even turn into a full-time career.

In today’s world, social media has become an integral part of our lives, both personally and professionally. If you have strong social media skills, you can find yourself gainfully employed from the comfort of your own home with these top 14 online social media jobs from home. 

You don’t need any prior experience or special knowledge to land one of these positions; all you need is some free time and the willingness to learn new skills!

So if you’re thinking about how to get started in the field, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of online social media jobs from home that you can do. 

To help you find the best online social media jobs, we’ve ranked the top 14 High-Paying Online social media jobs that can let you work from home.

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14 Online Social Media Jobs From Home

Nowadays, there are multiple online social media jobs from home that you can choose from. Depending on your experience, skills and budget, there’s something out there to fit every social media job seeker’s needs. 

The following list of the highest paying online social media jobs is a good starting point for anyone considering this option as their full-time job or additional money-making project. 

These jobs provide good pay and great perks (that you won’t always find in 9-5 office jobs). And the best part? You get to work from the comfort of your own home!

1) Virtual Assistant

Online social media jobs from home don’t get much better than virtual assistant gigs. As a virtual assistant, you can expect to be making anywhere between $20 and $35 per hour, depending on your experience and skill set. 

Virtual assistants can also make more by helping with various other tasks, such as selling items online or proofreading documents. 

To become a virtual assistant you must have excellent computer skills, self-motivation and enthusiasm for completing daily tasks. 

You should also be great at communicating online (through email and chat) to clients all over the world and prior typing experience is definitely a plus as well! 

2) Facebook Ads Expert 

Becoming a Facebook Ads Expert is one of the popular online social media jobs from home that pays well

If you are experienced with Facebook ads and can show real results, chances are there is plenty of demand for your services as many small to medium sized businesses want to advertise on Facebook but often lack knowledge on how best to do so. 

Expect to charge anywhere from $25-$75 for most small ad sets and upwards of hundreds for larger ones. 

3) Customer Service Rep

Customer service is a booming field with online social media jobs from home thanks to rising internet use and increased ecommerce. 

If you enjoy dealing with people and have a friendly voice, customer service may be a great option for you as you won’t need high qualifications or even a degree, as long as you know how to troubleshoot issues related to computers, mobile devices, software applications, TVs and video games consoles. If possible get someone to teach you basic repair skills (or take a class) before applying.

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4) Social Media Manager

This is not only one of my favorite jobs, but one of the best online social media jobs from home that pays really well with some making averagely $50,000/year

There are various types of social media managers and some specialize in handling just one specific channel such as Facebook or Twitter. Others, who manage multiple channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.) are called Social Media Specialists. 

At companies with multiple brands or products, it’s common for someone to manage all social media accounts in order to avoid creating gaps that competitors could exploit by building relationships with customers. 

Managers might also be responsible for coordinating promotions across different channels and overseeing community management teams. 

Depending on their expertise, these roles can range in pay from mid-level marketing salaries up to C-level positions (in large agencies). 

While most job postings don’t require you to have formal education in social media marketing, having an accredited certificate will prove you’re qualified and capable of managing diverse campaigns with precision. 

Prospective employers won’t care how you acquired your knowledge if they like what they see!

Best of all, you can do this remotely hence it qualifies as a lucrative work from home job to make good money

5) Content Creator/Community Manager  

Content managers manage social communities by publishing updates, responding to user inquiries and engaging thought leaders in discussions. 

As a Content Manager, your main objective would be to create relevant content for users so they’ll stay engaged within your brand’s voice. 

Community Management is usually considered a separate role requiring digital strategists to share unbiased facts that align with product offerings. 

Many social media managers today started off small– serving customers’ requests through Twitter chats, updates via Facebook communities and Q&A sessions through Google+ Hangouts.

6) Customer Service Agent

Becoming a customer service agent is another great option in the list of online social media jobs from home to make a good extra income

So if you have a customer service background, you’ll likely be able to land a job at one of these companies—and I can’t say enough good things about them. 

They hire employees to handle their client’s questions and requests for help, but also focus on responding via social media. 

It’s an amazing way to reach out to people without constantly cold-calling them and if you’re looking for a high paying social media job. This is worth it

You can see positions available with these companies below Indeed, Glassdoor etc

7) Marketing Representative 

Becoming a marketing representative and promoting someone else’s company is another of the best online social media jobs from home that can bring in extra money on nights and weekends. 

What makes promoting someone else’s business particularly effective is that it takes less time than other small businesses. 

With no costs involved, you could do it while still keeping your day job — although business experts advise against working both a day job and a side business simultaneously since it tends to burn out new entrepreneurs quickly… 

That said, once you know what type of content gets attention — whether it’s text, images , video , audio or something else — marketing yourself becomes easier… But why stop there? 

Once you start building a brand online, keep going — expand your services by teaching others how to market themselves better. 

Your side project could turn into a full-time gig very soon. 

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8) Facebook & Twitter Analyst

This is one of the best online social media jobs from home that is high in demand and also highly paying


Online social media management companies need employees to scan feeds and compile analytics that indicate how users are interacting with them. 

This job requires you to monitor public data, trends, hashtags, discussions, and news regarding an online social media account. The employee must also compile reports using findings and data collected. 

Good knowledge of how social media works is required

9) Data Entry Clerk

This can be an excellent job for parents who are interested in staying home with their children but still need to earn some money. 

Data entry clerks typically work in office settings and often typing skills are a must as well as solid computer and internet knowledge. The work is mostly sedentary, but hours can vary depending on your employer’s needs. 

If you can find a job that offers health insurance and paid time off (like vacation days), these positions often make great full-time jobs. 

There is usually no formal education required, though companies may prefer to hire people with at least some experience using computers and working on spreadsheets. 

A typical salary range might be anywhere from $18k – $28k per year. Companies such as Amazon have remote work-at-home opportunities available throughout their year-round hiring period; 

There are also plenty of small mom & pop shops offering part-time remote data entry clerk jobs – just Google around online to find them! 

10) Content Writer & Editor

For those who love writing, creating content for businesses is one of the online social media jobs from home that involves no boss, low stress levels and decent pay if you know what you’re doing. 

Do you have a flair for writing? 

Do you love playing with words? 

Do you write beautifully crafted sentences or break down complex topics into easily digestible paragraphs?

If so, then being a content writer or editor might be your calling.

The range of topics writers can choose from ranges widely – everything from commercial writing (marketing copy), tech writing to creative writing such as short stories or screenplays. 

There are many companies and entrepreneurs alike looking for your services. So it’s your job to take people’s content (articles, blogs posts, pages on your website) and format them correctly so they look neat and professional. 

Also, as a Content Editor, you correct grammar and spelling mistakes. You ensure that everything makes sense for those reading it – 

The pay rate depends upon how much money you want to make per post but could range anywhere between $100-$300 per post depending upon how long/in-depth it is. 

To get started, you can check out some freelance writing and editing jobs . Then, simply fill out their contact form and they’ll connect you with potential employers! 

And here’s another resource: FlexJobs – A leading resource for telecommuting, flexible schedule, part-time, freelance and temporary work opportunities across hundreds of professional fields.

11) Transcriber / Captioner

Transcriptionists are people who turn recorded audio into text. Listening to an audio tape and typing out what was said is part of the procedure.

Captioners give closed-captioned transcripts of live events (such as webinars and conferences) for hearing-impaired spectators.

A basic transcription course will teach you everything you need to know to get started as a professional transcriber or captioner: 

how to use transcription software, how to edit and proofread your work, as well as industry-specific terminology. 

It takes practice, but it’s rewarding online social media jobs from home that can help you make extra bucks to pay your bills while also giving you the flexibility to try other things.

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Most transcriptionists and captioners say they find their clients by networking on LinkedIn or at networking events. 

And with more than 21 million Americans struggling with undiagnosed hearing loss according to 2010 statistics from NIDCD — nearly 8 percent of all adults over 20 years old — there is immense potential demand for quality transcriptions of online content in all formats. 

12) Facebook Ads Specialist 

While many of these positions do require some sort of social media experience, Facebook’s vast network of users, coupled with its relatively low barrier to entry, make it an ideal starting point for those looking to break into online social media jobs from home.

In fact, most people start their careers in social media management by starting off as Facebook ads specialists. 

To become a Facebook ads specialist, all you have to do is set up an account and follow a few guidelines (there are online tutorials that walk you through setting up an account). 

Once your account is up and running, ad companies will reach out and ask if you want to work for them—and offer you money in exchange for managing their ad campaigns on Facebook. 

According to Glassdoor, ads specialists make about $35 per hour. But don’t expect to get rich quickly with this gig; depending on how quickly you can ramp up your skillset, you could earn anywhere between $25 and $40 per hour.

Also, keep in mind that Facebook is a great way to find new clients or move around within one company because they use job-posting apps like Snagajob or Workpop. 

Simply search Facebook on either app and apply directly from within your mobile device!

13) Creative Designer

Graphic designers create visual content for any kind of business and online advertising and promotions can be big money-makers for some social media marketing firms.

So if you have design skills, you can create banners, posters, or other attractive images for brands to use in their online ads and promotions. 

So this obviously makes the creative design job an ideal position for people looking to make money doing online social media jobs from home

Most graphic designers work remotely, though some are based in client offices – usually during busy periods when they’re working closely with customers. 

You’ll need to have experience with computer programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. Your pay rate will vary by employer but expect to make at least $15 an hour. 

14) Online Copywriter: 

Copywriters are responsible for drafting content that promotes a business online – usually through blogs, articles, reviews and more. It is one of the most lucrative online social media jobs from home

As a copywriter, you write compelling copy that draws in readers, they increase demand (and therefore sales) of a brand’s products and services. 

In order to succeed as an online copywriter, you must know how to properly incorporate keywords into your writing while still making it fun and engaging for readers to read. 

High quality content that ranks well in search engines is another important factor when it comes to success in this field.


When searching for online social media jobs from home, it’s important to choose a that provides plenty of flexibility and pays well 

If you are working for someone or a firm. Also be sure that employers offer full or flexible work schedules so you can fit in your social media jobs around other obligations like school and family time. 

If all of these pieces fall into place, you should have no problem maximizing your income potential with online social media jobs from home!​

Online social media jobs are an excellent way to earn money from home. We’ve laid out 11 of them here, but there are hundreds more available, with opportunities for every type of person. 

The best part is that each pays a pretty good hourly wage. You don’t need any special skills or experience and you can start earning immediately by using your computer and Internet connection. A little effort goes a long way!


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