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Top 10 Tips Of Writing The Best Email Marketing Headlines

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The headline of an email marketing campaign can either make or break its effectiveness. This is why having the best email marketing headlines should be a top priority for you

We all know that email marketing is very powerful in generating leads and maintaining relationships with customers. This is because it is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing and also the most personalized medium for reaching your customers. 

As a result, one is expected to get really creative in carving effective and best email marketing headlines that will really stand out.

With so many emails being sent out every day,  every email marketing campaign should start with the right words in the headline otherwise known as a subject line. 

This headline is what prompts the recipient to either open or ignores the message

So having the best email marketing headlines means that more people will be positively moved to open and most likely take your desired actions

Top 5 Features Of Best Email Marketing Headlines 

Looking to come up with the best email marketing headlines for your email campaigns?. There are some key features that you should incorporate into your headlines to make it really stand out. They include one

1. Urgency

Urgency is a key feature of best email marketing headlines as most people tend to act only when something is urgent.

Using urgency is an old approach that still works magic even today and as a result, the use of urgency in email marketing headlines has become very popular in recent years. 

It works especially well in the business-to-consumer sector and I’m certain  we’ve all gotten an email where the email line has an urgent undertone

There are different ways that this sense of urgency can be incorporated in email marketing headlines and they include countdown timers, a limited number of available seats to claim, discount codes, Etc

Enticing the reader with a sense of urgency about a special offer is a great way to get them to click through to your email and may end up taking your desired action (making a purchase)

Examples Of Best Email Marketing Headlineseadlines With Urgency

  • say goodbye to your exclusive 20% offer (Tarte)
  • There’s Still Time To Save On These Exclusives (Violet Grey) 
  • Clock’s ticking ⏲ 50% OFF 500+ items ( Urban Outfitters)
  • BOGO free clearance is over in 5…4…3… (Torrid)
  • Buy One Get One Free OR ELSE (ThinkGeek)
  • Don’t miss out on 30% off! (Third Love)

2. Personalization

Personalization is also a powerful ingredient in best email marketing headlines. This goes beyond just knowing the person’s name. It’s about understanding the individual in totality as it relates to your business.

Humans are naturally vulnerable to people who understand them. Personalization offers a feeling of importance to your readers and is one of the best strategies in content marketing. It helps retain good relationships and also generates more leads. 

This is what makes personalization such an effective feature for best email marketing headlines

Personalization requires sending emails based on context and this means understanding what’s happening in a person’s life. This is where email marketing automation comes in handy

It has been shown to enhance conversion rates, and as a result, hundreds of businesses use it in their email marketing campaigns.

Examples of Best Email Marketing headlines Using Personalization

  • “Mary, check out these hand-picked looks” (Guess)
  • “Happy Birthday Mary – Surprise Inside!” (Rent the Runway)
  •  “Mary, do you remember me?” (Bonnie Fahy)
  • “I didn’t see your name in the comments!?” (Kimra Luna)
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3. Curiosity

Curiosity is one of the key ingredients of best email marketing headlines. It is a very powerful emotion, that any marketer can use to his own advantage

As humans, we are naturally curious beings in that find satisfaction in solving puzzles and uncovering ambiguous and hidden meanings

If you can capture a reader’s curiosity with a single sentence, then you’ve got your reader hooked

With a sense of curiosity in your email marketing Headlines. Your reader can’t help but wonder what your email is about, and this curiosity is what drives them to open your email, read your main contents and ultimately take the desired action.

Examples of Best Email Marketing headlines with a sense of curiosity

  • Shhh… Don’t tell anyone (ESQIDO)
  • This is what your neighbor is doing this weekend 🤫 (Swiggy)
  • Your hair care routine is missing something… (Function of Beauty)
  • Black Friday Secrets Revealed! (Bath & Body Works)
  • Don’t Open ‘Til After Dessert (Rifle Paper Co.)
  • We don’t normally do this. (CoSchedule)

Curiosity is something that works wonders. It invokes interest in the reader’s mind. You should be creative enough to add curiosity to some of your email marketing headlines and watch high engagement in your campaigns 


One of the most important features of the best email marketing headlines is their timeliness.

Subscribers are looking for timely and relevant information, which you should deliver. It ensures that the content beneath the email headline is relevant, valuable, and up-to-date.

You might want to use breaking news or popular events in your email marketing headlines.

As a result, writing timely email marketing headlines is a skill worth honing. It will help you engage your audience and increase the number of responses you receive.

Timelines increase open rates and email marketing performance by providing subscribers with the information they need at the moment they need it.

Example of the Best Email Marketing Headlines That are Timely

  • Are You Joining us Tomorrow at Young Minds Summit
  • Are You Excited About The Biggest Digital Marketing Conference In Texas
  • Please confirm your presence for an emergency meeting later at 3 PM
  • Don’t forget to attend a meeting on Tuesday, at 2 PM!
  • Meeting tomorrow! Provide your confirmation right away

5. Making Offers

Another strong feature of the best email marketing headlines is making offers. Offer in this sense mean giving out something for free or almost free to your subscribers

People love getting free stuff! So, sending out an email campaign with an email marketing headline screaming that they are getting something for free is a strategy that has proven to work.

You and I have received an email of such nature in our inboxes before and I am almost certain it’s difficult to ignore such emails.

So once in a while as you blast your campaigns to your subscribers, add this powerful ingredient to your email marketing headlines and watch your subscribers devour on your contents

Example of Best Email Marketing Headlines with offers

  • I am giving away 3 Pro Tools For Email Marketing Today
  • Have you seen my latest recipes for December
  • Download this secret Marketing book that gave me $10,000 in 27 Days

Top 10 Tips To Write The Best Email Marketing Headlines

Having understood what it means to have great email marketing headlines and all the most important features that make the best email marketing headlines. I still want to show you the best practices and top tips to follow when creating your best email marketing headlines.

These tips are tested and trusted. Following them and applying them will really simplify your job while maximizing results. The top 10 Tips include:

 1. Get The Length Right

The length of email marketing headlines plays a huge role in the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. This is why you need to ensure that you employ the appropriate length.

The Right length of the best email marketing headlines doesn’t exactly have to be any specific number of words, it all depends on context and creativity. it could be long or short although, longer headlines have been argued to have better open rates.

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In fact, according to an Email Benchmark Report. Emails with long headlines have a higher chance of being read by the recipient,  Though the reasons may vary, the short fact is, long headlines have an edge over the shorter ones. 

So whether it is for increasing the chances for open rates, click-through rates, or conversions, it’s better to use a long headline in emails than a shorter one

 2. Employing Stories

Employing Stories into your email marketing headlines is a great strategy to get your readers to stop and pay attention

People love stories especially when it is told well.

And in this age of ever-shrinking attention spans, you need to try every trick you can to get your prospects to open and read through your email otherwise all your efforts will be useless. Using stories as an attention grabber is a time-tested trick. Stories in email headlines have the possibility of boosting your  click-through rates by up to 40%

Creating a great story in an email headline can be very challenging. You need to tell the reader what the email is about without giving away the whole story and you have to do it in a limited amount of characters. This means a high level of creativity is required here

3. Make Use Of Values and Numbers.

Many of the features that make for good blog post titles also make for good email marketing headlines, with numbers or digits being one of the most noteworthy examples.

Because numbers and numerals are innately appealing to human minds, incorporating them in your email marketing headlines will catch attention.

This is the single most crucial factor for the popularity of top -10 lists articles.

Numbers and digits are easier for our brains to process. They pique interest and offer guidance, as well as the promise of a quick and easy read ( every reader wants this)

Using data and numbers in email marketing headlines has proven to be a wonderful strategy to get your emails noticed since it sends a clear and concise message about your offer while also creating the correct expectations.

Numbers can be used to refer to the title of your list, a specific offer discount, the numerical benefit of a particular resource you’re providing, and so on when creating the best email marketing headlines.

Many businesses send emails with vague statements in the subject line; simply adding a number or digit to yours could be a game changer and help you stand out.

4. Consider Asking Compelling Questions.

Asking a question is another fantastic technique to come up with good email marketing headlines. It’s a tried-and-true strategy that can also interest readers, particularly if you’re asking a question you know will be relevant to your target demographic. It’s one way to attract the curiosity of readers.

In contrast to a traditional statement, asking a question in your email marketing headlines immediately engages your readers. Questions immediately initiate a conversation with users, making them more likely to be opened.

Incorporating a question into your email marketing headlines is another great method to stand out from the pack.

5. Don’t Make False Promises.

Your email marketing headlines are making a promise to your reader about what you will deliver in your message. 

It is therefore a good practice in creating the best email marketing headlines. You make sure you commit to the promises made in the headline because people will soon stop trusting you if they understand your headlines are clickbait just to lure them into opening your email

This will irk your audience after a while, you will begin to experience a lower open rate and a higher unsubscribe rate.

Avoid making exaggerated statements unless you can truly justify them

6. Segmenting Your List 

Any email marketing strategy should include segmentation, and you should ensure that your email service providers can assist you with this.

It aids you in sending the right message to the right audience, among other things, and contributes to the effectiveness of your email marketing in a variety of ways. When it comes to writing the finest email marketing headlines, the same principle applies.

Sending an email campaign to a house buyer on your list with the subject line “3 Tips To Sell Home Faster In Texas” is a complete turn-off and a waste of time. This type of advertisement should be sent to your list of potential home buyers. This is where the segmentation of your mailing list will come in handy.

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It’s easy to come up with relevant and efficient email marketing headlines for your subscribers when you have a well-segmented list of subscribers.

7. Avoid The Word “Newsletters”

“Newsletter” is one of the most prevalent and overused words in email marketing, and it is even considered nasty by some.

Today, It has become tedious, outdated, and, most importantly, ineffective.

Previously, blogs published articles using this word in the title because they believed it would draw readers’ attention and encourage them to read. Today, however, this method is no longer effective since it produces more harm than good.

So, if you want to write the best email marketing headlines, avoid using the word “newsletter” in them at all costs.

Email open rates decline by around 19 percent when this word appears in email marketing headlines, according to statistics.

This is because most people consider standard newsletters to be a boring piece of writing rather than a message full of important information.

Regardless, you will continue to send out newsletters. Use the word “spam” in the subject line to avoid your well-crafted email ending up in the spam folder. Instead, focus on the value it provides.

8. Avoid Spam Trigger Words

Words that email providers recognize as fraudulent or malicious are known as spam trigger words. Once they’ve spotted the emails, they send them away from the recipients’ inboxes.

In order to acquire sensitive information from the recipient, these words and phrases are frequently harsh, manipulative, dishonest, or overpromise a beneficial outcome. It’s possible that you’ve used all capital letters or special characters.

Trigger words in email marketing headlines have been known to cause problems and increase the likelihood of your email being labeled as SPAM.

The last thing you want is for your email marketing campaign to be marked as spam by your recipients’ spam filters due to a single word or two in the headline.

Luckily, you can successfully prevent this by carefully choosing the words you use in your email marketing headlines. This will keep your email marketing campaign spam-free and ensure you have the best email marketing headlines

You can find a good number of trigger words you should avoid in your email headlines here

9. Use a Familiar Sender Name.

Name recognition is very important for your subscribers and it also plays a huge factor in determining if an email gets opened or not.

So when setting your sender name, it is very crucial that you appear as human as you can. This will make your headline look inviting and unintimidating. For example, Edwin@smartincompus will naturally sound more familiar and friendly to a reader than a random name or just a brand name.

People love naturally love a friendly atmosphere and using a human name together with a brand name provides a cordial ambiance and increase engagement

Sending from a no-reply address also gives the impression that you don’t care about your subscribers ( remember, your subscribers love to be pampered and treated well).

If you ever want to enhance engagement, here is the place to be. Sending from a no-reply address is not a good idea. It can be aggravating if they need to contact you about something, and it could affect delivery rates in the long run.

So, when writing best email marketing headlines, strive to come out as warm and familiar, and avoid using a no-reply address.

10. Do A/B Testing

After all is said and done. Doing A/B testing will help you determine the best email marketing headlines out of all competing ideas.

A/B Testing simply means testing two different things to see and which performs better. 

In the world of email marketing, it is no different. Offers can be tested in different email marketing headlines to see which performs better. 

So when you are getting ready to launch a new campaign to your subscribers, you can try running different headlines to see which performs better.

You can test the length of the headline, humorous tone versus something more to the point, word choice, or any other number of factors.

Once you’ve found out the best email marketing headlines that outperform others from the test. Then expect excellent open rates and engagement.


The best email marketing headlines are the key to a successful email campaign. They not only stimulate the curiosity of your readers, but they also persuade them to read the rest of the message.

To get the most results from your email marketing efforts, you need to send the right message.The first step toward the correct message is to choose the right headline.

I hope you wholly enjoyed this article and if you have any other concerns or questions. do contact us anytime. Thanks for reading.


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