PayDay App: Best PayPal Alternative

PayDay App: Is This The Best PayPal Alternative For Africans In 2022 And Beyond

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Are you making money online and  looking for the finest PayPal option for Nigerians and Africans in general?

Do you want the quickest and smoothest online transactions possible?

Are you becoming dissatisfied with the stress of receiving money from friends, family, and employers in other countries?

Look no further!

PayDay App / PayDay Africa is here to brighten your day.

Before we go any further,

Why would you desire an alternative to PayPal, which is efficient and popular?

So here’s the deal:

PayPal is a massive firm that has become synonymous with online payments and allows customers to make monetary transactions without the need for bank transfers or checks.

This free payment processing service just requires a verified PayPal account on both the receiver’s and sender’s end. The most significant advantage of PayPal is its well-known platform and ease of integration with various third-party platforms and carts.

However, despite PayPal’s enormous popularity, Nigerians and most African countries are not fully utilizing the platform’s functions. They impose numerous limits and constraints, the most vexing of which being the inability to receive payment through your account.

That alone has undermined the platform’s purpose for the affected nation, necessitating the search for alternatives.

Although there are other options available, the most popular of which being Payonneer and Skrill, PayDay App was designed with African nations in mind. As you could anticipate, it understands the target users’ problems better and has done exceptionally well in resolving them.

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On this note, I present PayDay Africa. An amazing and thrilling innovation by smart Africans for Africans and the world at large.

Offering a better experience that Africans and all potential users have been desiring to cover the flaws in the internet finance system, and the PAYDAY app has arrived to solve those flaws.


What is Payday?

PayDay App

Launched in 2021 with 15 Employees and 3 Global offices and over $2M Funding as of the time of writing this. Payday, which has offices in both Canada and Rwanda, is a financial technology startup that helps Africans transfer and receive money around the world 

This project is based on a clear vision of being Africa’s and the world’s fastest, most efficient, and successful remittance service provider.

Her aim, it appears, is to consciously attract and serve clients with very high-value payment services all around the world, particularly in Africa.

They are backed by strong and global partners such as TechStars, micro traction magic fund, Voltron Capital, Syndicate to mention a few. In a lighter note, PayDay can better be described as Africa PayPal

What Is PayDay App And What Does It Do?

As expected, this fintech company has an App named after them where you carry out your activities

PAYDAY App by PayDay Africa is a remittance App that enables swift borderless online payments services for Africa, thereby connecting its users with vast opportunities around the world in split seconds.

The app has been created to be the quickest and most efficient way for anybody in Africa to receive or send payments quickly, conveniently, and securely, locally or worldwide through mobile phones or computers, all at no cost.

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What Does Payday App Do?

As you already, it’s an online payment platform built with Africans in mind. Therefore Payday’s product offerings include:

  • Sending and receiving money globally
  • Getting paid by foreign employers and clients
  • Issuing Virtual Mastercards, and 
  • Paying tuition and other fees in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

How to use PayDay:

1) Signup & Verify Account ( Use this referral code : EDW16G )

Joining PayDay takes less than a minute. You will have to verify your account using a means of identification. This is pretty easy too

2) Request for cash using the email address of the payer (clients / employers)

After verification, you are all set to use the App. You can request cash with a few taps & get paid in less than 2 minutes

3) Send money to family & friends using $tags

Also, you can send money to anyone, anywhere in the world using their PayDay $tag. Very simple and smooth

4) Receive An Alert When You’ve Been Paid

A receipt & push notification will be sent to you when your friend, client, or employer pays or accepts your request & pays you. This is part of making your transaction process seamless.

You can also generate a USD virtual card  & shop with it

Benefits Of PayDay App

The PAYDAY App is purposefully designed to be of international standard, as a bridge between the present and the amazing future of every user’s dream through her financial services of helping Africans connect and link up SWIFTLY with opportunities

Also to maintain a POSITIVE image through smooth business transactions, build exciting relationships through INTEGRITY, and generally open up their users to vast potential opportunities globally.

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Other than this. Here are other things you must love about this amazing App.

PAYDAY Africa, is second to none when it comes to swift transactions and other features. 

  1. You swiftly receive money from anyone and anywhere in the world
  2. It helps you to take control of your transactions
  3. Request payment in seconds
  4. Create virtual cards for online transactions
  5. Keep track of your inflow easily etc.
  6. It is so user friendly.
  7. Has a cool exciting feel good features
  8. Very secure for iOS and Android phone users alike and
  9. Refer friends and earn commission

Who Needs To Use PayDay App?

PayDay App was specifically to solve the flaws of other online payment platforms and help Africans especially do a seamless online transaction. So if you are an online entrepreneur ( Blogger, Freelancer, Crypto Trader, Forex Trader etc) or just a well meaning individual who enjoys doing online transactions such as sending money, receiving or even shopping online, PayDay App is for you

Is PayDay App Legit

From personal experience, PayDay App is 100% legit with strong backups from giant companies in the world such as  Syndicate and Voltron Capital but don’t take my world for it. Look at this reviews

ItPayDay App Review

It’s future seem so bright, that explains why many companies are partnering with them making them generate $1million fund in just 3 weeks of lunch.


PayDay Africa through its App, PayDay App has come to solve the flaws of other online payment platform lifting all the restrictions and limitations that they pose.

With PayDay App, you can now enjoy swift and smooth transactions today. Signup now all for Free

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