How To Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

How To Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch : Top 5 Effective Steps

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Hey you! Would you be excited if I showed you some effective tips on how to start affiliate marketing from scratch? 

If your answer is in the affirmative, then stick with me

With the advent of internet businesses, affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular options for new online entrepreneurs.

Even though getting started might be challenging and complicated. Anyone can do it if they have the proper training, abilities, and up-to-date knowledge.

As affiliate marketing has continued to grow as a business model, If you’re on the lookout for a way to earn smart income online. It is important that you learn extensively how to start affiliate marketing from scratch.

Just like starting a Profitable Dropshipping Business. A lot of things go into starting a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Even if you have no previous knowledge of it, in this post, I am going to show you everything you need to know on how to start affiliate marketing from scratch and turn it into a sustainable business.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of web marketing where you are paid to promote other people’s products or services. In exchange for a commission on any sales generated as a result of your efforts, you agree to promote a company’s items on your website.

Why Learn How To Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch ( Benefits)

I am showing you how to start affiliate marketing from scratch because alot of persons have failed in affiliate marketing due to poor foundations. However, it provides alot of benefits which makes it a favorite online business for a lot of people all over the world.

  • Low Cost

Unlike most businesses, this one does not require a large initial investment or consistent cash flow to operate. Because affiliate marketing is low-cost, you can get started right away without spending a lot of money.

The majority of well-known affiliate programs will not charge you anything to join in order to run your affiliate marketing business.

The minimal amount of money you may pay is to build the platform on which your affiliate marketing business will be managed.

  •  Low Risk

Another beauty of affiliate marketing is that it has a very low risk. This is because it has low cost entry which means that you do not have to fear losing money in this business model.

However, a very poor and wrong idea can make it risky for you. This is why it’s crucial you understand how to start affiliate marketing from scratch and avoid anything that might bring losses to you

  • Easy To Scale

You’re not stuck to a particular product as an affiliate marketer and this makes affiliate marketing a whole lot easier than most businesses. You can promote as many products or services you can in your chosen niche and earn more income 

  • Work From Home

For people who fancy the idea of working from home and earning a very good living do so, affiliate marketing is a top tested model that works. 

You can do everything from actually starting and attaining the level of making money from it all from the comfort of your home 

Waking up to see you have made some  dollars from your affiliate marketing program is a sweet feeling but first. You need to do the initial work and put everything in motion. Reason why you must learn how to start affiliate marketing from scratch

  • No worries About Customer Support

Unlike individual business owners and companies offering products/services who deal directly with their customers or clients ensuring their satisfaction.

Affiliate marketers have no business providing any form of customer support, so they can use the time for this to do more promotion of their affiliate links, scale their business and make more money

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However, as an affiliate marketer who wants to build credibility and trust and have a sustainable affiliate marketing business. It is only fair that you promote products or services that you trust and are sure of smooth transactions, affiliate programs that ensure customers are satisfied with what they have purchased.

5 Steps On How To Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

Following these proven and effective steps on how to start affiliate marketing from scratch is sure going to help you achieve your Affiliate marketing goals faster than you expect.

 1.  Find a Niche

One of the first things to remember when learning how to start affiliate marketing from the scratch is that you’ll need a niche.

Every affiliate marketer has a target audience that they strive to influence.

A niche is basically a specialized market segment for a specific type of products or service. Health, wealth, finance, and agriculture, for example, are all internet business niches.

Niche competition, on the other hand, gave rise to sub-niches ( niches under niches). Weight loss, for example, is a sub-niche of Health, and student loan is a sub-niche of Finance.

Determining your niche is one of the most critical components of starting an affiliate marketing business

A niche means you’re concentrating your efforts on a certain segment of a larger audience and addressing it differently than other content creators.

By restricting your focus, you have an advantage over competitors who create broader content.

Selling will be more difficult if you choose the wrong niche, but it will be easy if you choose the right one.

So, how can you know which niche is the best fit for you?

With the increase in popularity of affiliate marketing, it has become more increasingly competitive and especially tough for beginners starting from scratch hence more reason for niching down

The more specific you are about your affiliate marketing the better! This will help you stand out and beat the competition faster as you become a go-to resource for your chosen field

If developing a niche is proving more challenging than you imagined, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Such questions include:

  • What are some of the things about which I am already passionate?
  • For what do I hope to be known for?
  • What viewpoint can I bring to the table that none of my competitors can?
  • What makes my experience one-of-a-kind?
  • What industry does my business or brand belong to?
  • What distinguishes it from the competition?
  • Do people search the internet for my chosen niche?
  • Will my niche’s demand remain stable?
  • Is there a lot of competition in my niche?
  • Is it possible to find affiliate programs that work in the niche I’ve chosen?

You’ll be astonished at how fast and easy you can find your niche if you can respond sincerely to the following questions.

2. Examine Affiliate Programs To Work With

After deciding and picking a niche, the next step is to research on affiliate marketing programs out there and know which is best for your chosen niche and how to go about working with them

Affiliate marketing programs or networks are simply platforms that act as the middleman between merchants (product owners) and affiliates (you, publishers). 

They connect merchants and affiliate marketers making their relationship seamless and easy. 

As one starting affiliate marketing from scratch, it’s very important you don’t jump at any available affiliate marketing program out as there are tons of them. Rather, you take out time and make a deep serious research on the platform that will provide you everything you will need

While on the research of which Affiliate program to join as a beginner. There are some key factors that need to be considered. On easier note,there are important question to ask as they will help achieve your target faster.

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Such questions include;

  • Do merchants in your chosen niche have an affiliate marketing program?
  • How much commission can you make from the network?
  • How easy is it to join the Affiliate program?
  • Does the Affiliate program accept people in your country of residence ?
  • What is the model of getting your money from them?
  • Is the Affiliate program reputable?

These are but not limited to the questions you need to get answered before concluding on joining any Affiliate program hence the need for a thorough research

As one learning how to start affiliate marketing from scratch. It’s very important you be reminded that a mistake on this stage can affect your success as an affiliate marketer so be sure you are with the winning affiliate programs

3. Launch Your Affiliate Marketing Platform

Now that you have found a niche and researched affiliate marketing programs. You have come to the stage of choosing the platform to do the real affiliate marketing jon

Although there are various platforms to run an Affiliate Marketing business, in this post, we are going to be talking about two most effective channels. A blog and a youtube channel

  • Starting a Blog

The best way to get started with affiliate marketing is to create a blog. Although you can still do affiliate marketing without a blog or a website

A blog is a very wonderful platform to run an affiliate marketing business because it offers you a variety of benefits, including:

  1. Search engines assisting you to gain more visitors if you have the potential to create useful content (which is the foundation of every profitable affiliate marketing firm).
  2. You can promote your affiliate products more effectively (through product reviews, discounts, offers, email lists, etc.)
  3. You will continue earning recurring income for a content you published in your blog for a long period of time ago (earning from a previous work),
  4. Plus if you want to look for affiliate marketing jobs in the future, having your own affiliate site is a perfect resume builder.

Starting a blog nowadays is reasonably easy and inexpensive, and it has never been easier than it is now. There are a plethora of lessons accessible online to help you get started. It will most likely only cost you a few dollars per month to get a domain name and host your website.

A thorough instruction on how to start a blog can be found here.

Once your site is up and running, make sure it is optimized for search engines so you can get better rankings.

Incorporate affiliate links into your articles to increase traffic to your website.

  • Start A YouTube Channel.

A second option is to launch a YouTube channel. The popularity of video material has soared in recent years, with YouTube being the world’s second most popular search engine after Google

This means that your potential consumers or leads are almost certainly watching videos on YouTube. You must take your material to where they are in order to obtain them and increase your affiliate profits. Simply put, this means building a YouTube channel and producing high-quality videos about your affiliate products or services on a regular basis.

When you submit a video to YouTube, you optimize it for SEO so that it may be found by a large number of people. You then put your affiliate links in the video description as any visitor who clicks on it and make a purchase.You earn your commission.

 4. Create Valuable Contents

Setting up a blog for your personal brand could be useful for storing affiliate marketing resources.

You’ll want to start publishing high-value material once your blog is up and running.

Your affiliate marketing activities will be built on the foundation of this content marketing strategy.

So to generate material for your blog, you can use any of these strategies. 

  • Writing Reviews

Depending on your niche, you can write in-depth reviews of the products, courses, and books that you promote as an affiliate. If you work in the mobile phone industry, for example, you can provide candid product reviews on new releases, features, pricing, and what you like and dislike about the products.

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You can focus on single product reviews, comparisons, or both and still give useful contents for your readers. Your blog or YouTube channel will quickly become a one-stop shop for your selected topic.

Of course, you’ll want to strategically place your affiliate links in between your blog posts and video descriptions to make the piece flow smoothly.

  • Writing Educational and Related Topics

You may also provide value to your audience by writing instructive content relating to your niche and around your affiliate products.

It will help you increase your trust and authority by educating your visitors with informative pieces while still soft selling to them.

If you’re in the digital marketing niche, for example, you could write about “The Best Products to Set Up a Sales Funnel” and include a number of affiliate links to tools for which you’re an affiliate as they relate to the topic. It’s as simple as this.

5. Promote Your Contents

Promoting affiliate marketing contents as one starting from scratch can be challenging but following some best practices will help you achieve your goal in no time

Before any other thing, I must state categorically that you must have a very good contents, be it in your blog or youtube channel

With some excellent contents, you can definitely get high ranking on search engines and hence more visitors to your Affiliate links

However, there are few ways you can pull these visitors even faster without depending solely on this. They include:

Using Forums: Forums are great platforms to promote your affiliate links. Examples of popular forums are Quora and Reddit.

You can join discussions of topics in your niche and make valuable contributions by answering questions, offering tips and advice. By so doing, you build a fan base in such forums

Once in a while, you can share an excerpt of your blog posts and link back to your blog or YouTube video containing Affiliate links in answer to a question or a contribution to an ongoing discussion.

Most readers will naturally visit your blog or YouTube channel through the provided links and eventually take an action by making a purchase through your Affiliate links

Content Sharing Platform : You can also promote your blog post on a content Sharing Platforms such as Medium and link back to your blog. Getting visitors this way is pretty easy as long as you share valuable contents

Social Media : With the number of people using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc on a daily basis. There is no doubt that your customers are there. So sharing your contents in these platform in way to offer value will bring a good amount of traffic to your blog and channel which means more money in Affiliate Marketing business

There are many other paid methods of promoting your Affiliate Marketing business for a faster result but for one learning how to start Affiliate Marketing from scratch. These top free methods can suffice until you’re ready to scale.

Email Marketing: Email Marketing happens to be one of the most effective marketing method with a massive ROI of 4400%. Employing email marketing strategy therefore, is one the best method of promoting your contents and of course your Affiliate links


I hope you enjoyed this post about how to start affiliate marketing from scratch. With this knowledge, I am certain that you can now make the most of your affiliate marketing hustle as total beginner

As you may have seen, you do not really have to be an expert to run a profitable affiliate marketing business. You just have to be ready to take action and learn. 

One thing to bear in mind however is that you have to have a good affiliate offer, excellent content around it, and be ready to promote it effectively.

Also, remember to always be very sure of the affiliate marketing programs that you are working with to avoid any ugly issues from arising.

Good luck

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