how to start a profitable blog from scratch in 2022

How To Start a Profitable Blog From Scratch In 2022 (Beginners Guide)

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Are you searching for a simple but a complete step by step guide on how to start a profitable blog from scratch in 2022?

Search no more!

Because you are about to read the most comprehensive guide on how to start a highly profitable blog for beginners in 2022

Reminder. All the information I share on this blog is smart ways to make and increase your income online. So if you want to start a blog just for for the passion of it and not to make money in 2022. This post may not be exactly what you are looking for. 

None the less, you may still stick around as you will most likely discover in the end that your passion can turn out to be a very lucrative business for you 

Are you with me?

 Let’s go

How to start a blog is one article that seems to have been littered all over the internet space as a result it’s search volume.

A simple Google search of the phrase will show this

While a greater percentage of the blog posts you will find are half baked and outdated, there are still some updated and high quality articles on the topic out there and this one right here happens to be one. smiles

In as much as this content can be digested by anyone seeking for guide, steps and answers to questions about how to start a profitable blog in 2022. This was written with an absolute beginner in mind. 


So if you’re a beginner with no previous knowledge or idea about how to start a profitable blog from scratch . This guide is ultimately for you.

This is because I am not assuming you have any previous knowledge. 

No important step will be skipped for any reason, I am going to answer all your likely questions and best of all, everything will be explained in simple terms 

Before we go even deeper

What is a Blog

If you are thinking about starting a blog as beginner, then it is necessary to understand some basic terms and this understanding will even help you in your blogging journey reach your goal faster

As a beginner starting from scratch, you may be confuse what is the difference between blog and a website

A blog is simply a kind of website where the contents or articles are shown in reverse chronological order (that is the more recent or newer content appearing first). 

The difference between a blog and a website however is that blog articles are updated more frequently on a regular basis with fresh contents displayed on in a reverse chronological order

But websites are more or less static in nature with contents arranged in pages which are not updated on a regular basis

However these days,there are many corporate websites with blog pages

So the act of updating your website regularly with new contents in a reverse chronological order is called blogging and anyone who does this is called a blogger


Let’s Proceed


By the end of this post, you would have been able to learn two major things and in between these two lessons lies many small lessons that push your farther and faster toward your blogging goals. The lessons are;

  1. Step By Step Guide On How to Start a Profitable Blog From Scratch
  2.  Frequently Asked Question About How To Start a Blog for beginners 

The Truth About Starting Profitable Blog In 2022

One thing I have decided to do after my few years of blogging is to stop painting things as they are not.

It wouldn’t be nice if I told you that within one to two months of starting your blog, you will begin to cash out hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

That would be highly deceptive and at same time misleading. You might hate me after realizing that in that period of time, some of your blog contents which are supposed to be making these dollars are yet to be noticed by Google search engine

Although blogging is one of the most profitable smart and passive income hustle that you should infact do. Then again, there is the initial investment of hard work to make it work

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And If you are serious about starting a profitable blog from scratch you should see it as starting any other real business venture. 

You will need to put in the smart work persistently and consistently at the beginning for a reasonable period of time before it starts to pay off.

And once it starts to pay off, there is no limit to how much much money you can make with your Blog

Step by Step guide On How To Start a Profitable Blog From Scratch In 2022 

Now that we have gone through all the preliminary of how to start a profitable blog from scratch. It is time to  walk you through the important steps of actually starting your own blog.

Below are the steps in the order that you should follow it


This is second and one of the most important step on how to start a profitable blog from scratch in 2022. (No that’s not a typographical error). The first step is actually to first decide that you want to start your own Blog.

But because you are already here reading this article on how to start a profitable blog, it then goes without saying that you have taken care of this first step. Kudos!

So here I will be walking you through on the second step which happens to be the first step on this post. Finding your Profitable blog niche 

What is a Blog Niche

A blog niche simply means the topic(s) or subject that a blog is focused on. It is also safe to say that your blog niche are those things you will be talking about in your blog.

Get the idea now?

Let’s elaborate more!

If you are core lover of sports and you decide to be writing about it. Then your blog niche is sports

If you are good cook and you decide to launch a blog where you share your cooking recipes and teach others how you make your meals. Cooking then is your niche

I am sure you grab it it now

So when Starting a profitable blog, it becomes imperative that you decide on what you want to talk about in your blog

Why is this important?

  • This will help you focus more on what matters 
  • This will help you build trust and credibility in the area you have chosen
  • This will help Google better understand your blog and show your contents to relevant search queries. This in turn increase your traffic which means more money 
Three Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing a Niche
  1. Am I passionate about this topic?

You have to have some passion concerning the niche you are deciding to go into. This is important so that you don’t burn out and give up after few weeks of blogging.

You cant continue to talk about something you do not have an interest in. That is why you must be sure there is something about your niche that you are interested in big time. 

From personal experience, interest supercedes passion in choosing your niche. 

why is that?

Because when you are interested in a particular subject and you are ready to learn. In a short while, you will become passionate about the subject and be comfortable to talk about it endlessly

So in choosing a blog niche, give a huge consideration to your interest. you must not be an expert on it from the scratch. But as you start with open mind, you will begin to build expertise, authority and trust

  1. Is there a market for this niche

This question is as important as the first one if not more important. 

You just don’t want to start a blog for the sake of it but to make good Income otherwise it will not longer be a profitable blog. This is why you don’t have to talk about anything that has no market

So if you want to start a profitable blog from the scratch as a beginner. You have to figure out if there is a market for your chosen niche. This is another way of asking if there are people interested in what you are talking about in your blog.

This is vital as the available market for your niche will determine the amount of money you will make from your blog

So if there is no market ( people interested in what you’re blogging about). There is no use wasting your time onn the blog niche if your intent is to make money with it

  1. What is the monetization options and potentials for your niche?

This is another vital question to answer. Does this blog niche have more than one monetization potential?

As an absolute beginner, you may not be able to answer this question accurately for your first blog. So if you are able to do justice to the  first two questions, you are good to go


Now that you have chosen a niche for your blog. The next thing to do is choose a domain name

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This simply means the name of blog. What people will type in there browser to land on your blog

You don’t have to spend all your time on this..You can choose a name around your niche, something that relates to your niche or simply use your name. 

For example, this blog smartincomeplus teaches you all about smart ways to make and increase your income online and make wise money decision.

So looking at this blog name, you will realize that the domain was choose with the content theme in mind.

Nonetheless, what matters most is the quality of your contents and not your blog name. Content is King here.

 There are many established blogs out there raking thousands of dollars on monthly basis with funny domain names

So do not drag this for too long as it’s most natural for beginners to do. There is no perfect name out there. So look out for these things in coming up a domain name

  • It shouldn’t be too long and hard to pronounce 
  • It should be catchy and easy to spell 
  • Avoid the use of hyphens and numbers
  • Try as much as possible to use a .com extension

Your investment on the blog will determine the weight the domain will carry in the future

Fortunately, there are many free online tools that can help you generate domain names

Example of such tools are Nameboy. You can use it or any other one to come up with a domain name if you’re having a hard time doing this

After choosing a domain name. you have to register it with a domain registration company to make it your own

Lucky enough, there are hosting companies that offer free domain names and I highly recommend you go with those ones. One such example is Hostinger


After choosing a domain name. The next important step is to select a reliable hosting provider . 

The host is like your rented apartment in the internet space. It ensures  that your blog is available 24/7 to visitors coming to read your contents. Also, it’s where you store contents and files online

To a huge extent, the functionality and overall  performance of your site will depend largely on your blog hosting. 

Based on personal experience and available information. Hostinger is one of the best hosting platform offering great service with affordable prices for bloggers and site owners. They have beginners in mind 


Back in the days, you needed to be a coder or hire one to code your blog or website from the scratch. But no more in 2022

Content management systems CMS such as Drupal , WordPress etc have come to the aid of non coders. This CMS helps you provide you an environment to create and manage your blog posts and other activities.

Among the many CMSes. I highly recommend you stick with WordPress. There are many reasons to this which includes but not limited to it being

  • Very powerful
  • Very popular powering 30% of all websites
  •  Very easy to use even if you have no tech knowledge
  •  Highly customizable  and 
  • You can find lots of solutions to challenges as alot of people are using it


After installing WordPress, you choose a blog design template otherwise know as Theme and tweak it to your taste.


You’re done. It is now now time to begin to write your contents and publish. This is the most fun part if you ask.

These contents is what will bring in the money we so much speak of.

As you write your posts, Be sure to do your keyword research properly to enable your post rank well in Google


As you publish your contents, you need to also promote it aggressively (not spamming) seeing that you are a beginner. 

Get more people to read your blog with the proper marketing

The rule of thumb is doing 20/80. 

Spending 20% of your time creating contents and 80% in promotion. You need to get eyeballs to your content to start building readership as soon as you can

Some of the ways you can do this promotion is by 

  • Sharing the post on relevant Facebook groups
  • Using your social media pages such as Twitter and Instagram
  • Engaging in forum discussion
  • Answering questions on quora
  • Guest blogging and others


How To Make Money Blogging For Free As Beginner

How to start a profitable blog from the scratch is another way of saying how to make money from a blog as beginner.

This is the crux of the matter on this post and one of the greatest information you are looking for here

But guess what!

If you paid your dues well in all the aforementioned steps. Making money with your blog will become a walk in the park. It will come easy and natural

However, I will outline some of the ways you can monetize your blog to start making money. This list is not exhaustive and so, you can find out more ways of making money from your blog as you get your feet wet in it

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1. Advertisement

Adding ppc program such as Google AdSense,, ezoic etc to your blog is one popular way to make money from your blog.

Once you apply to the program and you are accepted. All you have to do is add a script code from the the program to your blog in strategic position to start displaying ads

You will start getting paid every time a user clicks on that ad. 

2. Sponsored Ads

Offering Sponsored Ads is another great way to make money from your blog but you need to have a very good amount of quality traffic to make good money from this

This is because, the amount of traffic you have and the quality of such traffic will be a factor to the number of sponsored ads you get and the money the advertisers are willing to pay for it

You have to also be careful not to sponsor ads that will put off your readers. It should be something that is not biased in any waya somehow related to your blogs niche

3. Sell Ebooks

Selling ebooks is a great way to make money for your blog. And as a blogger, developing an ebook can get very easy as it’s no different from your daily writing routine.

What you must ensure is that the ebook you develop have to align with the contents of your blog and something you must have seen a consistent rise in demand from your readers

This will make selling it relatively easy for you and could be a passive income that will churn out good money for you

4. Sell Digital Products

Selling Digital products such as PDFs , SaaS, videos and other digital resources can be another smart way to make money from your blog. As someone who is intentional about his blog, put in your best to create one or more digital products which solves a problem for your readers and see yourself earn money endlessly. 

The likes of Neil Patel , HEducate, Jon Morrow of Smartblogger  and other top guns in the industry make tons of money from this method

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you recommend products or services to your readers using an affiliate link and get paid a commission whenever anybody makes a purchase using your link

This is another popular way most online marketers make thousands of dollars monthly. It could be also life changing for your blog if you do it properly

Some of the affiliate programs you can join are Amazon associate, commission junction, clickbank etc


  1. Is it profitable to Start a blog in 2022

A truckload of YES. As a matter of fact , starting a blog in 2022 can be very Profitable as the volume of searches keeps increasing on a daily basis. This means more income for bloggers.

All you need to do is to be very serious and handle it as a business by investing your time and resources in it.

Don’t let anyone lie to you. Bloggers make more money today than they ever made in the history of blogging. Start your blog today

  1. How Can I make $100 as month blogging

Making $100 a month blogging can be very easy. Once you publish high quality articles in your blog and promote it adequately to pull in reasonable traffic

You can make $100 a month and even beyond by monetizing your blog through

  • PPc Ads
  • Sponsored ads
  • affiliate marketing
  • Selling Online courses
  • Selling Coaching Services
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Freelancing Etc
  1. How Long Does It Take To Make $100 a month 

Most people say within a period of 6 months. But from personal experience, it can be more or less and a lot factors come into this such as

  • The amount of work you put into the blog publishing contents and promoting it
  • The competition of your niche
  • How profitable your niche is
  • And the monetization plans you subscribed to
  1. What are the most profitable blog niche 

There are many Profitable blog niches you can start out with and make good money after pushing out a couple of high quality contents. Most of the popular Profitable niches are

  • Personal Finance
  • Make Money Online
  • Pets
  • Health 
  • Dating and relationship
  • Self improvement
  • Wealth Building

Should you have any question about how to start a profitable blog from scratch that was not answered here. You can simply send me a direct message HERE and I will try as much as possible to attend to it in my earliest convenience


How to start a profitable blog from scratch is easier than you would expect and I am positive you enjoyed this post. Follow through all the steps explained here and see your smart work pay off in the shortest time frame.

Your Turn

Having learnt how to start a profitable blog from scratch in 2022. I enjoin you to share this post to your friends who are also interested in how to start a profitable blog from scratch

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