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How To Make Passive Income Doing Kdp Low Content Publishing In 2022

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Did you know that one of the most lucrative and easy passive income side hustles you can start in 2022 is kdp low content publishing? Straightforward money-making machine that simply involves publishing low content books on Amazon KDP.

Yes, just create a low or no content book, hit publish and start making passive income. It’s that simple! yet highly profitable

But then I am not a great writer or a good designer, is this passive income stream going to work for me too?” 

Yes, it will, as a matter of fact, you do not need to be.  And by the end of this post, you may start and finish your first low content book within 24 hours

Is it really that quick?

Yes, that’s how it works, and if you follow the easy steps outlined here, you may start earning $50-$5000 each month from your low-content books without putting in much effort. This is the potential profit of kdp low content publishing. Excited?

Please stick with me.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the four key stages to get started with your first kdp low content publishing project and begin your path into this lucrative side hustle.

But first, what exactly is KDP publishing, and what are KDP low content books?

What is kdp publishing?

“KDP” stands for “Kindle Direct Publishing”. It’s a self-publishing platform owned by Amazon where anyone can create either ebook or paperback books, self-publish, and make money through royalties as sales start coming. This whole process is what is referred to as KDP publishing.

What is great about kdp low content publishing and publishing generally on Amazon is that you get to upload your book to the platform for free and still sell on their marketplace for free. What more can yo ask of?. Nothing if you ask me

What Are Low Content Books On Amazon Kdp

Books with little or no content (written or graphics) within, and in some cases, no content at all! They solely deliver guided content to the reader, making them relatively simple to create. Nonetheless, they have the potential to generate significant passive revenue for creators.

Examples of low content books include:

Guest book.


Music Composition notebooks.

Coloring books.

Word games and crossword puzzles.


Why Kdp Low Content Publishing In 2022 (Advantages)?

1. It’s Easy To Create and Publish

You can write and publish a low-content book in less than a day. As a result, one of the most significant advantages of kdp low content publishing is its simplicity. The primary reason is that, as a low-content book, you’d expect it to be simple to put together.

You can go on with ease once you’ve finished your first, second, and third low-content books and you will be able to create many uploads per day.

Despite the fact that the concept of kdp low content publishing is simple, you’ll need to master keyword research, basic design abilities, and effective time management.

2. It Is 100% Free

It’s a well-known fact that everyone appreciates receiving free gifts. So the good news is that joining Amazon KDP is entirely free, and neither publishing nor selling your book will cost you anything.

Furthermore, if you have basic design skills and the time to devote to it, book production will be free; alternatively, you can outsource, which is usually very inexpensive.

There are no barriers to entry; simply register, create, upload, and repeat. You do not need to invest or pay any money upfront to make money on this site.

3. It Is Risk-Free

Any venture that has no barrier to entry is usually risk-free. Why is this?

Because one does not stand a chance of losing any upfront money investment except of course the time investment.

Also, you can decide to go anonymous on the platform as using pen names on your low content books are allowed. 

So if you are seeking a lucrative passive income side hustles that are easy to start and are risk-free. Kdp low content publishing is a top choice. It’s an opportunity to continue earning extra cash for the rest of your life.

4. Source of Passive Income

You know what they say about passive income. It is the holy grail of all income streams. The dream of every well-meaning individual.

Put in the work now and continue to reap the world forever. If you belong to these sects of folks seeking these great passive income investment ideas. kdp low content publishing is a great option

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There is nothing as sweet as having passive income monthly while you’re busy with your day job, career, or pursuing your keenest dream. 

5. Offers Unlimited Uploads

The truth is that your first published book, or even just one upload to the site, may not deliver the anticipated results. In reality, it only happens every now and then. This indicates that you must publish as many books as possible in order to be successful. If you do this, you’ll have a better chance of closing more sales each month.

The good news is that Amazon KDP does not impose a limit on the number of low-content books you can publish. To put it another way, you can develop a low-content book and start publishing as soon as you locate a great niche with a winning keyword.

If you however care to build a good brand on the platform, you shouldn’t by the reason of the unlimited uploads create substandard low content books. Always aim for quality.

6. Offers Lifetime Earnings

When you create and upload your low content book on Amazon kdp. It is hosted on the site for you forever without you paying for that. The bright side of this is that aside from the free hosting, your book which didn’t sell for sometime after publishing may pick up one day and start selling voraciously

So for the work and effort of today, you will continue making money in years to come, or better put, the potential of it making money in years to come will always be there.

7. Offers Multiple Marketplaces 

When your low content book is listed on Amazon. It is listed on other Amazon marketplaces increase the chance.of more sells

8. No Inventory

Like Dropshipping business or any other Probably any other print on demand eCommerce business. You do not worry about keeping inventory since everything will be managed on Amazon KDP

Other Advantages include:

  • No need for building an email list or website
  • No need to be a professional designer or writer
  • No need for expensive tools and gadgets
  • No need for expensive paid advertising at the beginning

How To Do KDP Low Content Publishing In 4 Steps

Step 1: Niche Research

As common with virtually all online businesses, the first thing you will usually need is to find a niche that is highly profitable.

So in finding a perfect niche in kdp low content publishing, it will be a mix of proper keyword research and a bit of trial and error ( as a great result is the only proof of well-done research)

For the best practice, the first thing to do when searching for a niche is to first generate plenty of ideas after which you dig deeper to validate those ideas and land on something with the potential to make you lots of money

So in generating raw ideas, you will have to make a choice of the type of low content book you want to publish.

Some of the popular low content books include:

  • Journals (blank, lined, gratitude, …)
  • Planners (daily, weekly, monthly, …)
  • Diaries
  • Composition Notebooks
  • Recipe Books
  • Coloring Books
  • Log Books (fitness, diet, cleaning, …)
  • Activity Books

Also you may need to install this two popular extensions to your chrome browser, they will come in handy during the keyword research.

1. The DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View is a free extension that allows you to view the Best Seller Rank (BSR) for products in Amazon search results without having to visit the product detail pages.

2. AMZ Suggestion Expander

AMZ Suggestion Expander is another free Chrome extension that increases the amount of suggestions presented in the Amazon search box, allowing you to see terms that are related to your main search term.

So we will be using Coloring Books as a case study. As a beginner still trying to publish his first low content book on Amazon KDp, settling for just an coloring book as a topic to create a low content book is a no-no.


Too much competition, look at the screenshot below. This was gotten with just the Amazon autosuggest, meaning that a lot of people are searching for these keywords. It’s a good thing but this could also mean there is too much competition. See this screenshot below


Kdp low content publishing

Over 80,000 results for the term. This is a red flag for you as a beginner because your low content book may most likely not get even one sale at the end of the day

So what do we do?

We niche down. In other words, we go for a more targeted keyword idea and see if we can get a more considerable result. Personally, I advise that when publishing your first low content or no content book, you should gun for keywords that will bring at most 1000 results or less but still have at least 3 books already published under the topic whose average BSR is not more than 300,000.

And in case you don’t know what BSR means, BSR simply stands for Best Seller Rank. And every product that is put up for sale on Amazon has a BSR number.

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Breaking it down further, A product that has a  BSR of 1 means it’s the best selling product on Amazon! A product with a BSR of 1000 means it’s the one-thousandth best selling product on Amazon and so on

So going back to the Amazon search bar. After much testing with the suggested keywords by Amazon itself and the AMZ Keyword expander. I found a keyword that meets the criteria.

“Midnight trippy coloring book”

See the screenshots below

Kdp low content publishing

Fewer products returned in a search meaning less competition. Also, looking at the screenshots below which shows the BSR number, you will see that it meets our requirements

Kdp low content publishing

BSR number is 32,451


Kdp low content publishing

BSR Number is 512,801


Kdp low content publishing

BSR Number is 7,461


Now, the average of the BSR Number of  these three similar books are ( 32,451 + 521, 801 +7,461) / 3 = 181,999.3. This number is less than 300,000. So we have found a winning keyword. We can now proceed to create our low content book

Step 2: Book Creation

Every low content book requires two PDF files: The inner template and the cover and the beauty of this is that both of them can be created using any design tool provided it can be exported to PDF format

This is what makes kdp low content publishing even more interesting. With your Smartphone, you can achieve virtually all the necessary tasks.

My number recommendation for creating your low content book cover is Canva. It’s a very popular design tool for both the web and smartphone plus it has a neat and user-friendly interface. You can use any advanced programs such as Photoshop, illustrator, etc

So in creating your coloring book, you can simply outsource the design for a very cheap cost to freelancers in Fiverr or Upwork. Otherwise, you can create it yourself following this simple tutorial or even using Canva like this. Although the idea of doing this yourself could be intimidating if you haven’t designed before but you must know that you don’t have to be an expert designer to create a great low content coloring book

However, contrary to popular opinion, your buyers are most likely going to judge your book by its cover. So you must ensure the quality of the design is top-notch and appealing but don’t spend all your time overthinking it.

Also, ensure you download Amazon KDP’s cover templates so you can get the right measurements

Use related license-free photos and images from sites like picjumbo, pixabay, Unsplash, etc. Images will add spice to your cover and of course attract more eyeballs to it.

Also, ensure your cover’s title match the one you will use on your product’s description

Once your inner template and cover are created and downloaded to PDF, you’re ready to publish.

Step 3: Creating Your KDP Account

Before hitting the publish button for your amazing low content book. First, you need a KDP account and this is incredibly easy because there is no barrier to entry. You can simply sign up for KDP right here

Kdp account sign up

Once you click on the link and sign up, you will see your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

Before you can actually start putting your products up for sale, you need to fill out some required information for Amazon.

This requires some author information, how you will get paid, and tax information

Kdp account sign up

First, it will ask you to fill out your Author information. This is simple to do because it just asks for your information such as name, country, phone number, and address.

Ensure you fill in your correct and Real information so you won’t have a problem getting your royalties in due time.

After this, you fill out the getting paid part of the account. That is putting your banking information so that KDP will send a direct deposit to your bank for royalties that your account earns. 

Lastly, you will have to fill out the tax interview and once you are done with this last section, you will get green checkmarks for everything letting you know that everything is complete.

Step 4: Publishing Your Book

Uploading your low content book to the Amazon kdp market is pretty straightforward and here is a breakdown of this simple exercise

Now that you have successfully created your Amazon kdp account. Simply sign in and head over to your “Bookshelf”, then click “+ Paperback” directly under the “Create New Title”.

After that, you’ll be taken to a website where you must fill out some information about the paperback.

To begin, pick a language. After that, follow these steps:

Title: Write your title here, then double-check that it matches the title on your covers.

Subtitle: Although it’s optional, the subtitle is a nice place to put your title keywords if you don’t want to put them on the cover.

Series: Choose a series that corresponds to the situation.

Edition Number: If you’re uploading a new book, you can skip this section.

Author: Here, you write your author name. You could use your real name or pen name 

Contributors: Also an optional section but if you have some contributors while creating the book and you wish to add their names, you could do that here

Description: This is where you put up a short description of what your book is all about and it is what appears on the book’s detail page on the Amazon platform when potential buyers are viewing it.

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Just so you know Amazon search engine was not designed to pick up your book description, so it’s not a ranking factor for your book in the platform, although external search engines can pick it up if it’s keyword rich. 

So this means you shouldn’t really overthink what to fill here. Just talk briefly about your book especially for your first low content book

Publication Rights: Click “I own the copyright and I hold all the necessary publication rights” if you plan to self-publish your book.

Categories: Consider the categories that best fit your book if it isn’t in a certain niche. You can select multiple categories, which will help potential buyers locate you more quickly. Also, don’t even consider it for too long. Just make your choice and move on.

Adult Content: Simply tick “No” if your book does not contain adult content.

Keywords: This is where you can add quality keywords that are related to your core keyword. If you didn’t go through step 1, you wouldn’t have a lot of good long-tail keywords to work with here.

Although this is optional, it can help shoppers find your book more readily on Amazon. This is especially true if you employ long-tail keywords that people use to find books like yours.

Once you are done filling in this detail section click “Save and Continue” and move on to the next page.

The next is the Paperback Content Page, the point where you upload your cover page and inner template

Print ISBN: If you are doing this for the first time, you probably don’t have your own ISBN, a unique number used to identify your book. Thankfully, Amazon assigns its publishers a free KDP ISBN. To get this, you simply click on the “Assign me a free KDP ISBN” button and “Assign ISBN” or Get a Free KDP ISBN

Publication Date: You may leave this blank

Print Options

Interior & Paper Type: Here, select a black & white interior with white paper as the cream is normally used for novels

Trim Size: Select 6” x 9” inches here

Bleed Settings: Here, you will Check “no bleed”.

Paperback Cover Finish: Select either  “matte” or “glossy”

Manuscript: This is where you upload the inner template of your low content book saved in PDF

Book Cover: You are to upload the cover you designed and saved as a PDF here.

Book Preview: At this moment, you’re ready to look at a digital proof of your book. Simply click “Launch Previewer,” and you’ll be presented with some quality assurance instructions that will take a minute or two to load.

Once you’ve completed them and are satisfied with your results. Save your work and move on.

Paperback Rights and Pricing

This is the final step, and it’s very straightforward…

Territories: Here you may specify whether you want your book to be published worldwide or only in certain areas. I recommend that you make it available in all territories by choosing “All territories.”

Primary Marketplace: You should pick the USA here as it is the largest marketplace for Amazon

Pricing : Set your price at this point. The best practice is to check the price of similar books and put your own in the same range.

Expanded Distribution: This is where you decide if you will like to make your book available to other bookstores, online retailers, libraries, and academic institution

Other Marketplaces: Here, you set the price for all other Amazon markets available. I strongly suggest that you leave the price you already set and may decide to change later.

Terms & Conditions: This is self-explanatory. Read and Click to confirm

As soon as you’re done, click “Publish Your Paperback Book”.

Congratulations! You have just created your first low content book.

FAQs About KDP Low Content Publishing

What Low Content Books Sell The Most?

All low content books sell, but this depends on how deep and well you do your keyword research. Once you find a low competition but highly demanded keyword. You would find yourself a great low content book that will well very well 

Are Low Content Books Still Profitable?

Yes, Low content books are still profitable and will continue to be as more and more people are settling for shopping online than ever before. However, for you to make headway, you have to do proper keyword research and find profitable keywords that will you a lot of money. These are keywords that have high demand but low competition

How Many Pages Should a Low Content Book Have?

This will depend majorly on the kind of low content book  you will be creating

What Is a Zero Content Book?

A Zero content book is a book with no image or text. It is another word for low or no content books.

How To publish Low Content Books

Simply follow the kdp low content publishing steps explained in this post and you would have published yourself a low content book

How Much Does it Cost To Publish A Book On kdp?

Publishing a low-content book is cheap and affordable. It can cost anything from $0 to a few dollars. This is because you can create everything yourself using available free tools or you can spend a few dollars and outsource the creation job to a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork.

But ordinarily, low content is something you can take a few hours and create yourself for free.


Kdp low content publishing is one hot and profitable online business that a lot of ordinary people are using to change their financial situation in that last few years. But I tell you what! There is still enough space for you to enter this market and take over your financial life in 2022.

Even if you have your day job or career going on well for you but you care about having extra passive income coming in for you monthly, kdp low content publishing is a top leading option for you. Start now!


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