How To increase Blogger Traffic

How To Increase Blogger Traffic 2022: 10 Best Tips

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You’ve had your blog up and running for a while now, but you’re still not seeing the level of traffic you think you should be getting. Is it because you’re simply not good enough at blogging? 

Not quite – although growing traffic is more of an art than a science, there are several things you can do to improve your blogger traffic and engagement levels.

Starting a blog is easy but growing a blog is where the hard work lies

And so, many bloggers struggle with low traffic numbers, which can make blogging feel like hard work with little payoff. This can lead to discouragement, or worse yet, to giving up on blogging altogether. 

To help you avoid this fate, we’ve put together a list of ten different tips on how to increase blogger traffic that you can use to immediately boost your traffic and attract more readers in the long term.

Posting regularly, providing useful content, and targeting the right audience and being in a top blogging niche with evergreen content are all important components of building your blogger traffic, but they’re not sufficient by themselves. If you want to be successful with blogging, you have to approach it as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy – because it is! 

So learning and implementing these tips on how to increase blogger traffic will definitely be a game-changer for your blogging business

Before diving into these tips, let’s quickly look at the benefits of knowing how to increase blogger traffic and some tools that will be of great help in achieving that

The benefits of Learning How To Increase Blogger Traffic 

Once you have a regular writing schedule and start building a loyal following, blogging can be really rewarding. 

As someone who makes a living from their website and social media presence, I highly recommend starting your own site as soon as possible. 

It takes time to build up readership—and start earning money—but as long as you’re consistent and make it a priority, your brand will see results.

The major reason why you should learn how to increase your blogger traffic is to indirectly make more and more money

However, there are two indirect forms these benefits present themselves. They are as follows

  1. Build An Audience Of Like-minded Individuals: 

One of the benefits of knowing how to increase blogger traffic is to build an audience of like-minded individuals.

When you write about things that interest people, those people will eventually find you. If they like what they read, they’ll return frequently to check out new content (known as a bounce rate). 

And over time, they might even come to trust your opinions and recommendations on certain topics or brands (called brand affinity). 

This creates a relationship between reader and blogger – something known in marketing circles as word-of-mouth marketing or influencer marketing – and that means new opportunities for revenue streams down the road! 

Do yourself a favor: Start making videos about things that interest you today! 

  1. Make Connections with Potential Customers and Peers: 

Last but not least, understanding how to increase your blogger traffic will help you connect with others doing similar work. 

Maybe you want to collaborate with other bloggers by mentioning each other’s posts in your weekly roundup articles? 

Maybe you want to send each other leads about speaking gigs at conferences? 

Whatever it is, chances are high that there’s another person working within your niche who needs what you offer too. 

When these connections happen naturally through comments on blogs and tweets via Twitter/ LinkedIn/ Facebook. Well that just adds more value to both parties involved! There is no reason not to try it out! 

The Best Tools For Increasing Blogger Traffic

A tool is simply a device used for work or play. When used in reference to something on your blogger site, it’s a piece of software that can help you accomplish a certain task – or tasks.

Increasing blogger traffic using tools is as simple as installing them, so let’s get started but before then, A few words about Analytics:

While we are going over tools, it’s worth noting that if you don’t have analytics set up on your site already, it makes everything else rather pointless.

This is an absolute must for gaining insight into how people find your content and what search terms they use to find it.

If you need help setting up Google Analytics, there’s a great tutorial here.

Okay, enough rambling! Let’s see what tools will make our lives easier on how to increase blogger traffic

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Here are some tools that will be resourceful in increasing your blogger traffic

1. Yoast SEO
2. Grammarly
3. Duplicate Post Finder
4. SumoMe
5. Title Generator
6. Link Cloaker
7. Tweak Your Biz
8. Buzzsumo &
9. Ahrefs
10. Site Auditor &
11. Ubersuggest

There and many more

10 Best Tips On How To Increase Blogger Traffic

Here are 10 tips to help you can follow on how to increase blogger traffic.

Tip 1 – Write Great Content

When it comes to attracting new readers and all the tips on how to increase blogger traffic, there’s no one that takes the place of great content. Content is King. It’s the one thing that will keep visitors coming back.

So for a blogger who’s just starting out, one of the best ways to attract new followers is simply writing great content—content that people will want to share with others in their network.

So how do you create great content?

The key is knowing your audience.

People like to read about topics and ideas that they are interested in, so make sure you’re writing about topics and ideas that people are interested in by asking these questions

What are they interested in?
What questions do they have?
Do they prefer short or long posts?
Do they respond to photos or videos?

Use Google Analytics to determine which types of content your readers prefer (and which pieces fall flat). Then, similar to the ones that are generating traffic, publish more posts.

When writing the posts, take your time and spend a little more time researching and perfecting your material.

Make sure what you create is well-written and edited so that those who come across it are compelled to click on it.

Search engines and potential visitors will start to identify your site as an authority if you continuously publish high-quality material.

These components may result in higher visitor counts over time even if no intentional promotion effort is made.

It’s also worth noting that search engine optimization (SEO) is critical—it helps if search results include links to your site from trustworthy sources!

In all, be patient with yourself; traffic doesn’t grow overnight and takes consistent effort over time. If you focus on putting out quality posts at least once or twice a week, then your audience should start growing over time.

But it takes consistency to grow an audience from scratch!

Start small and build up your traffic one step at a time (because even big blogs started as smaller blogs).

Don’t be discouraged! Posting high-quality content regularly is always better than posting something less often that isn’t very good or helpful to readers. Put in some serious effort first before expecting results right away!

Tip 2 – Improve Your Blog Design

Well, I know what you are thinking right now. ” How in God’s name does the design of a blog increase traffic to the blog”

Yea, like you I asked the same question when I first got into this blogging business but it was not too long when I realized that Blog design has a huge role to play in the overall well being of a blog and that includes traffic

Stick with me

Human beings are attracted to good aesthetics and love when things are well organized.

So a good blog design can increase readership and encourage visitors to come back for more.

Choose a professional but simple theme, then personalize it with your own photos, colors, and logo. If you’re not artistic or don’t want to pay for a custom design, there are many services that provide free themes that you may tweak.

You should also choose your color scheme early on in your blogging career, as it will aid in the development of a distinct brand identity.

Make sure all of these aspects flow together smoothly; if done correctly, users won’t even realize they’re reading different sections of your site!

Tip 3 – Engaging With Other Bloggers

Quality engagement with other bloggers is a sure tip on how to increase blogger traffic. Networking is an important aspect of attracting new readers that is frequently overlooked. 

Who doesn’t desire more followers, after all? 

So knowing that networking with other bloggers can help increase your Blogger traffic. How Do you go about it?


You can connect with other like-minded bloggers and offer your work to their audiences by researching and engaging in niche blogging groups.

You can participate in Twitter conversations and 

You can participate in discussions on blogs you read 

These are all excellent methods to broaden your reach and develop relationships with other bloggers.

In addition, collaborating with other bloggers by writing guest articles and promoting one another’s content might help to increase the number of people who are interested in your own work.

This will undoubtedly increase your Blogger traffic in no time as well increase your authority in your niche

Tip 4 – Guest Post On Other Well-Known Blogs

This is my personal favorite tip on how to increase blogger traffic because, as you can probably guess, it requires zero work on your part as you’re going to do what you always do, writing. 

It’s as simple as getting in touch with other bloggers who have bigger audiences than you and seeing if they’re willing to allow you to write a guest post for them. If so, add them on social media (this seems like an obvious step but surprisingly, many people don’t think of it). 

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In any case, pitch them your guest post idea via social media email and hope for a positive response. 

Note: You might want to pitch different bloggers more than once—don’t take their no personally! 

Just keep trying until someone agrees to let you write for them. Now that you’ve been given access to their audience, give back by creating amazing content tailored specifically for that audience. 

And be sure to reach out after publishing to let them know how great of a job they did editing your post! 

After publishing that first guest post on another site, try pitching another blogger or two before working on new content yourself. 

Keep going until you feel like you’ve got all of your bases covered or there are too few opportunities left to pursue! At that point, it’s time to start reaching out for yourself again. This will increase your domain authority, improve your ranking on SERPs, and ultimately lead to an increase in traffic.

Tip 5 – Push Notifications

Push notifications are a type of banked traffic that can do wonders for your blog traffic and earnings. Smart bloggers who understand the power of push notifications employ it as a very important tool on how to increase blogger traffic

One striking upside of it is that you have control of the traffic from this avenue and they are all organic traffic in Google’s eyes.

People who receive push notifications on their phones are four times more likely to click on a link than those who do not. 

Use push notifications to direct readers back to your site. Make sure your content is share-worthy and craft it in a way that will entice users to click on it. 

This can be accomplished by posing an engaging question or an interactive photo of excellent quality. To increase weblog traffic and persuade readers to return for more, keep these ideas in mind when developing push notifications.

With a few easy changes, your traffic statistics might skyrocket! However, don’t send out too many notifications.

Users often find excessive alerts annoying and choose to opt-out of receiving them altogether. Instead of sending five messages every day, try saving important news updates or breaking news until they’re all relevant—then send out just one message with all of them at once. 

By holding off until there’s enough content to warrant multiple updates, you’ll avoid being annoying while still getting people’s attention when it matters most!

Tip 6 -Master SEO (On-Page and Off-Page)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to increase blogger traffic, so it’s crucial that you master your on-page and off-page SEO. 

On-page SEO refers to factors within your control, such as keyword placement, keywords in titles and meta descriptions, headings, article length, internal and external links, image optimization, and so on. 

You can use tools like Ahrefs (paid) or Ubersuggest for free to investigate which keywords you should be targeting for each of your posts. 

Off-page SEO revolves around promoting content online; guest posting, social media engagement, outreach backlinks building, etc.

If you love outsourcing or you have zero ideas how to do this, you can simply hire the service of an SEO professional to take care of this for you. 

Other than that, you could learn and master this on your own ( this is what I recommend )

Most YouTube videos, online courses, and blogs such as this one will teach you how to do both effectively; once you feel comfortable with how they work individually, it might be a good idea to try them together! 

Mixing up your marketing efforts will help keep things fresh and exciting.

Tip 7 -Build Quality Backlinks

Building links back to your site is another excellent way to enhance blogger traffic.

Backlinks are a form of link that improves your search engine rankings and makes your site more visible online.

There are various methods for obtaining high-quality backlinks, but they are not always simple.

If these are outside your area of expertise, you may want to consider hiring an SEO firm or a freelancer to assist you.

You should also note that it is important that any link-building you do is natural-looking rather than spammy-looking. The goal is to look like someone has linked out because they found something useful on your blog, not because you forced them to. 

Here are some examples of quality backlink building: 

Guest Posts 

Links from other sites directly to your content. You have no control over where those links point or what anchor text is used for them (the click here bit of text). 

Social Bookmarking 

Link sharing via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. 

Some networks allow users to add short descriptions of their posts or even include a link back to your site. 

External Directories 

Listings in categories with directory-style URLs pointing at specific pages/posts on your site so visitors go directly there when clicking them. 

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You have partial control over whether they appear in listings, what anchor text is used, etc. They may require human approval before listing certain pages (as opposed to automatically picking listings based on relevancy to tags), but that doesn’t mean every listing submitted will be approved. 

Press Releases 

Announcements about new developments related to your business are posted directly on news organization websites.

Tip 8 -Leverage Influencers

Leveraging Influencers in your niche is another surefire tip on how to increase blogger traffic.

This strategy is fairly simple!

Find influential people in your niche who have large audiences, and ask them if they’d be willing to link back to your site.

Make sure you offer an appealing bribe (not literally).

For example, let’s say that you manage a popular food-focused blog, and one of your favorite celebrity chefs just happens to love eggs benedict.

If he mentions your blog post on eggs benedict recipe on his Facebook page or Instagram profile, it could lead tens of thousands of new visitors to your blog

A bit extravagant? Yes. Effective? Absolutely!

This has the power to change your traffic overnight and bring blow up your earning potential

Tip 9 -Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a great tool for any blogger, especially when it comes to traffic generation. So in all your learnings of how to increase blogger traffic, learn email marketing

Due to its massive ROI, marketers who really care about profit in their business do not take it for granted and you shouldn’t too

To increase your traffic with email marketing, you’ll need to have an email list with quality subscribers. Quality is key here—you want people who are interested in your content and are likely to interact with it. 

You can collect emails from many different sources, including social media, or by offering freebies. If you don’t already have an audience for your email list and you want it faster, consider running Facebook ads to grow your own!. 

Meanwhile, here is a step to step guide on how to build an email marketing list.

Because of the great benefit of email marketing in increasing blogger traffic and earnings, most bloggers rely heavily on email marketing to build their list and provide value to readers, so it’s an important skill for bloggers looking for ways to increase traffic. 

Just like Push Notifications, email marketing gives you banked traffic that you can always call upon whenever you need to generate income in your blog

There are many tools available that make it easy to incorporate email marketing into your current blogging strategy: MyMail, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign are a few that come highly recommended by experts in digital marketing. 

If you want assistance creating a successful email campaign, consider hiring an email marketer—it may be just what you need help with growing your audience.

Alternatively, there are plenty of companies ready and willing to take on all of your email needs; allow them to take care of sending out emails for you if you have the budget

Tip 10 -Use Social Media The Right Way

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. One of the biggest challenges that bloggers face today is social media. Specifically, using social media in a manner that generates traffic back to their blogs. 

One of the best ways to generate more traffic is by consistently sharing high-quality content on social media. No matter how great your site is, if no one knows about it, it won’t get a lot of traffic. 

A good social media presence can help drive up your referral traffic and give you another avenue for people to discover your site. 

If you’re not sure how best to do it, here is a pointer: 

Create an engaging Facebook Page for your business and make sure you post on it regularly 

Consider sharing content multiple times per day and tagging relevant influencers whenever possible—both on Twitter and Facebook, but also other networks like Instagram or LinkedIn. 

Posting consistently will help grow your followers and build engagement. 

And don’t forget about Google+, which still has an audience even if it’s not as big as it once was! The key with all these networks is just to be consistent and post relevant content frequently so that people will come to expect to see you on that network regularly. 

Then when they see a post from you, they’ll be more likely to click through or share because they trust that your updates are going to be useful for them.


The main objective of any blogger, whether it’s the owner of a personal or business blog, is to see their traffic increase over time. After all, if you’re not making an income from your blog or reaching more people with your message and expertise, then what’s the point? This is why we compiled these tips on how to increase blogger traffic and build an audience that will keep coming back for more great content from you

I hope you found value in this article, should you have any question or contribution. Do leave a comment down below.


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