How To Build An Email Marketing List

How To Build An Email Marketing List: Top 3 Killer Methods

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One of the most crucial aspects of any email marketing campaign is learning how to build an email marketing list, but it is also one of the most difficult aspects of email marketing for most beginners.

However, in this post, we’ll reveal the most effective tips and strategies on how to build an email marketing list faster and simpler, even if you’re a complete beginner.

With its enticing Return On Investment, email marketing has been a force in the marketing sector for years, assisting businesses of all sizes in reaching and growing their audiences (of about 4500 percent according to DMA)

Whether you’re running a Dropshipping business, a blog, Affiliate Marketing, real estate investing, or something completely else. Having an email marketing list is really advantageous. It allows you to convey your story, promote your business, display your products, and engage with your customers at any time.

A company must have a reliable technique of reaching out to a focused audience in order to be successful with email marketing. One of the best ways to reach this large audience is to learn how to build an email marketing list the right way.This is the first step toward successful email marketing, and it should be handled seriously. 

What Is An Email Marketing List

A list of persons who have agreed to receive emails from you is known as an email marketing list in its most basic form.

An email marketing list is the foundation of your email campaign. A list of potential or current clients who are interested in your business. This is the lifeblood of your email marketing campaign.

As a business owner, especially in this day and age of the internet. Because everyone now understands that email marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with potential customers, it is your most valuable asset.

The larger your email list, the more successful you will be and the more money you will make.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Build An Email Marketing List

1. Email List Is Yours and Yours Alone

According to Radicati’s analysis, there are 3.8 billion active email accounts on the planet. That’s almost has half of the world’s population.

Emails have been there for a very long time and today, it’s still growing in momentum and serving users to the best. These days, virtually every internet user has at least one email account as you need it to sign up on online platforms.

This means that, unlike other platforms which have come and gone. Email marketing is not going anywhere and so the email marketing list you have built will remain there for you as long as you want to keep it.

As a business owner, it’s very important you learn properly how to build an email marketing list and make your priority because you control and determine what happens to it. On the contrary, if you use social platforms for marketing your business, you might lose all your marketing efforts and audience built overtime the moment these platforms change their policies.

So understanding how to build an email marketing list the right way will help you to continually add subscribers day by day and this will make a significant impact on your marketing efforts

2. Get Visitors To Return

It’s been observed that more than 70% of users leaving your website will most likely never return again. This is not a mere assumption,l. You could simply check this out by just taking a look at your Google Analytics and checking out the percentage of new versus returning visitors.

Knowing one of the greatest goals of marketing is to turn a normal visitor who has landed on your space into a regular visitor and ultimately your customer. This is a  precious chance you don’t want to miss

So understanding how to build an email marketing list and actually building it will help you to get random visitors in your site to keep coming back afterwards 

This is because people are much more likely to return to your website when they see an email in their inbox from you. Always convince them back with a wonderful post, a well-crafted announcement, or a special sale.

3. Help You Make More Money

Money is said to be on the List. The more people on your list, the more money you’ll make. Assume for a moment that over 80% of your website visitors sign up for your email marketing list, and you follow up with them. You would have built yourself a money-making machine

This is why you should learn how to build an email marketing list effectively for your business and put work into turning these subscribers of yours into customers.

Making money with the email list will be pretty simple because you already know that everyone on your list is interested in your business.

And bearing in mind that the average ROI on email marketing is a whopping 4300%, putting in a calculated effort to follow up with this list will make your firm more money.

4. Helps You Build Trust

Another major reason you should learn how to build an email marketing list is that communicating with it helps you build trust with your subscribers.

Email marketing communication is more personal than social media ads or posts. 

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Your subscribers will be able to read your emails in privacy, increasing their faith in you.

When you communicate with them often while also giving them compelling CTAs and an option to ask your question. This even increases trust faster. 

Once you’ve gained the confidence of your list. For you, turning them into paying customers becomes a piece of cake.

5. It’s Cost-Effective

Growing your email list for your business  is highly cost-effective when compared to other popular marketing platforms.

Despite the fact that it has the best return on investment. One of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to customers is through email marketing. In fact, even if you’re a complete novice, you can get started with email marketing for free.

So, once you’ve figured out how to build an email marketing list, go ahead and do it. You will spend so little money on follow-up and other email marketing-related activities.

6. Personalization

Learning how to build an email marketing list will help you acquire a deeper understanding of your target market and communicate with them on a more personal level.


When you get a little more personal with your clients and costumers they appreciate it. It’s a huge hit with the audience. It’s a personal favorite of mine, and I’m sure you enjoy it as well.

Every now and then, you get an email that begins with your name and tries to be a little more personal. When you see something like this, don’t you feel special and intrigued?

This is where personalization shines.

Personalization can help you take your email marketing from good to outstanding.

There are a slew of email marketing service providers that can help with personalization, but first things first. You must understand how to build an email marketing list using excellent techniques

7. It Helps You Send Targeted Campaigns

Once you understand how to build an email marketing list, you can quickly categorize your subscribers depending on their activities and behaviors on your website. This guarantees that the right offers and campaigns are distributed to the right people.

In email marketing, segmentation refers to the division of your subscribers into separate categories. This is one of the reasons why email marketing is so successful.

When building your email list, keep in mind that your subscribers will have a variety of interests and habits. So you implement segmentation and once you’re done. You can start sending your list of highly focused campaigns, which will result in a high conversion rate. Me

Top 3 Powerful Ways To Build An Email Marketing List

There are three major mediums or platforms where you can build your email marketing list. 

1. Website

For most firms, the process of building an email list starts with a website: From static embedded opt-in forms to dynamic pop-ups and overlays, as well as specific lead capture pages, there’s something for everyone.

So overall, a website is the best platform for any business owner to build an email marketing list as it offers you plenty of options to employ on how to build an email marketing list as we will see shortly. Also using WordPress to build your website offers even more advantages.

How To Build An Email Marketing List Using a Website

As we already pointed out. There are tons of ways one can get an email list using a website. They are as follows:

1. Use embedded signup forms


It is often said that email marketing strategy is incomplete without a signups form. They are the most traditional ways of getting email subscribers on your website. So on how to build an email marketing list, you will need to embed compelling sign-ups forms in your website in the right places.

It’s always a good practice to display the embedded signup forms on the high traffic pages and in the most visible area like a header, footer, or sidebar.

They work because they’re non intrusive, only serving as a humble reminder for your site visitors if they find your contents valuable. They  have an option of subscribing to your list to get updates in the future.

When building your signup form, you should ensure the form is compelling, simple with a strong CTA. This will ensure you get the result for which it’s placed there

And in case you didn’t know, designing signup forms is pretty simple. A lot of email marketing providers such as Sendiblue and convertkit offer the features to create an awesome form. 

Plus if your website was built using WordPress, there’s a number of plugins you can use to design your signup forms and embed them to your site. One popular example is WpForms

2. Pop Up Forms

Popup forms are dynamic windows or boxes that can appear on the screen at certain times or for specific events. They serve as lead magnets for generating leads.

According to available studies, pop-ups have a conversion rate of 3.9%, with the top 10% converting at around 9.8%. 

So if you are trying to grow your list but struggling to get the results you want. Email pop ups are an incredibly useful tool you should employ for building your email list.

Whether you’re just starting with email list building or you’re looking for new ideas to increase the volume of your list. Pop-ups are invaluable assets to have in your site. 

To get a visitor to take an action is one single goal why Pop-ups on websites are designed and so If you’re not using them, you’re missing out on an easy and effective way to generate new leads and even more subscribers to your list.

There are different types of pops being used and the three most common ones are Welcome pop-ups, exit intent pop ups and behavior driven pop-ups

  • Welcome popups

These are popups that appear as soon as your visitor arrives. Welcome pop-ups are mostly used to greet visitors to the site or introduce them to the sites brand mostly within the first few seconds of them settling on your site.

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It is usually simple, direct and attention grabbing

  • Exit intent

When a visitor moves their cursor away from the website, a popup appears, offering a hard-to-refuse deal and therefore retaining the potential buyer.

These pop-ups are based on exit-intent technology, which tracks user involvement with a website page and determines when someone is ready to leave.

Exit intent pop-ups operate by grabbing visitors’ attention and giving them a compelling reason to stay on the page or submit information (usually, an email address)

  • Behavior-driven

This popup appears when a visitor engages in a specific action within the site. You’ll provide them with exactly what they’re looking for based on their behavior. Scrolling is a good example or clicking a particular link on your site.

A good pop should have the following characteristics.

  • A strong call-to-action is necessary for a welcome pop-up to avoid being rejected as annoying.
  •  A strong visual appeal.
  • Features great offers most times such as discounts, downloads, and sales notifications, among other things.
  • Should be made as minimal as possible to reduce intrusion

3. Employ Gamification

Simply, gamification is the use of gaming features for marketing, education, and other reasons. Gamification, in a broader sense, is the process of incorporating game elements into non-game environments, such as a website or an online community, in order to engage users and encourage participation.

Quizzes, tests, surveys, spin-to-win (aka wheel of fortune) pop-ups, scratchcards, etc are some examples of gamification.

Gamification’s worth comes from its ability to appeal to consumer psychology. Customers are enticed by gifts that appear to be simple to obtain. Visitors who believe they are getting something for nothing will be enthralled by this and will eagerly sign up to take advantage.

Gamification on your website will not only help you grow your email list, but it will also boost user engagement, lead to more conversions, and eventually lead to more sales.

So gamification is one effective strategy on how to build an email marketing list and improve your website’s ranking

Likewise, organizing contests and giveaways can be used in your email marketing list building strategy as a form of gamification. It has proven to be highly effective and something you should incorporate

4. Create squeeze pages

A squeeze page is a landing page developed only for the purpose of collecting email addresses from potential customers or subscribers. Its purpose is to “squeeze” information from visitors. This is accomplished by placing desired content or offer behind a lead capture form, which restricts access to it.

Every landing page is a squeeze page, but not every squeeze page is a landing page. A landing page might have several conversion goals, such as offering free trials. A squeeze page, on the other hand, has only one goal: to capture an email address.

Best practices in using squeeze pages are as follows:

  • It’s ideal to send your content offer as soon as a user drops his or her email address
  • Show users a thank-you page and direct them to the next step.
  • Then follow up by sending an automated message reminding users why they gave you their email address. 

Also when creating squeeze pages, you should ensure that your squeeze page includes:

  • One clear CTA telling the user to enter an email address to access whatever it if you are offering 
  • A very compelling copy that is very concise, easy to read, and provide important information that will make the user enter his or her email address
  • Social proof,  that is including one or two short testimonials below your form fields as people become more interested when they see your offer has helped others
  • Excellent graphics that will make your squeeze page even more captivating
  • An enticing content offer that will be valuable to your audience such as an email course, templates, webinar, e-book, etc

2. How to build an email Marketing list using social media

Many people ask

How do I use social media to build an email list?

How do you promote an email newsletter on social media?

How do I create an email list on Facebook?

How do I make my email list grow on Instagram?

So here is the deal

Social media is another wonderful platform business owners use to drive traffic to their website as well as encourage more sign-ups to their list. It is also highly effective and can not be ignored in the subject of how to build an email marketing list

Like using websites, there are also various ways of building email lists using social media. They include:

1. Embedding Signup Buttons On Social Media Accounts. 

You can include a “Sign Up” button on your profile on Facebook and Instagram.

This is the cheapest and most straightforward method of informing your social media group about your business newsletter.

The efficiency of this depends on a variety of things, including how active you are on the platform, how much value you provide to your followers, how many followers you have, and how relevant your email material is to your audience.

You can share messages inviting individuals to join your email marketing list every now and then.

If you want to take this approach even further, you can decide to create a group on Facebook and build a community of users with common interests. When this group is established and gaining traction, high engagement and people wanting to join the group on a daily basis.

Facebook offers an option for you to put a form that a user can fill in order to join a group. You can activate this in your group and request that any joining member has to submit an email address before getting approval to join your group

2. Giveaways and Contests. 

Social media platforms are popular for their high level of interaction. Although the original intention of the platform is that people will hang out and have fun, over the years, it’s become even a business arena for business owners and consumers. 

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You can take advantage of the interaction here and organize contests, giveaways, quizzes, etc. With this, you can drive traffic to a landing page where interested users can submit their email addresses to partake in the exercise  

3. Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is the fastest and most effective way to build an Email list using social media but not cheap as you will have to spend a few dollars to get the result you want. Just like the contest approach above, you can run the ad and drive traffic to a landing page where they drop their email addresses to access the offer that brought them in. 

However, these days Facebook allows business owners to run lead form ads, This basically means that a user can convert ( In this case, subscribe) without leaving the platform. 

One beauty of using Facebook ads is that it brings in highly targeted subscribers to your list. People who are really interested in your niche and turning them to customers comes easily

3. How To Build An Email Marketing List Offline 

I would like to state that the online approach is the best on the journey of how to build an email marketing list. However, you are not stuck to it and hence you shouldn’t rely completely on it. 

Also, depending on your kind of business, you should know that people who you target online are real human beings that you can still access in person offline. So in trying to build your email list offline, here are some approaches you can use.

1. Trade Fairs

A trade show is a large Marketing event in which businesses from a specific industry come together within a specific time frame to exhibit their products and services, engage with partners and customers, and even assess recent market trends.

This provides uncommon opportunities for business owners to network with other business owners as well as consumers.

During this event, you can capture individual email addresses with a signup sheet you have prepared beforehand. It could be when a customer buys your product, you politely request he drop his email address so you connect in the future. You can also hand them business cards and request for their email address in return using the signup sheets. 

2. House Launch Parties

This is particularly suitable for business owners in the real estate industry. Still, with signup sheets, business cards, and politeness, you could talk people into giving you their email addresses on such occasions and you add them to your mailing list

3. Physical Store or Office

If you’re a business owner who has a physical store or office. You can convert your physical customers into subscribers of your email marketing list. This can be achieved by simply placing signup sheets at your desk or anywhere around the building where they can easily be seen by your customer.

Using this approach can really help you build a high quality and targeted email marketing list very quickly with no cost at all. 

However, You really have to be creative and exceptionally polite with this approach and make sure every email gotten has the owners consent

FAQs About How To Build An Email Marketing List

Are Email Lists Worth Buying?

The answer is an emphatic NO, most bought email lists end up in Spam and because there is a law regulating spam in the US, The CAN-SPAM Act of 2023, it is also illegal. 

Also, the purpose of having an email list will not be achieved as you will have the lowest conversion ever. Purchasing an email list is a complete waste of money, ruins your reputation and not worth it. To learn how to build an email marketing list yourself will remain the best

How Do I Make An Email Lists for free

You can make an email marketing list for free by using your social media platforms and online forums to drive traffic to your landing page where your audience will submit their email address. 

On building a landing page, there are many websites that offer free access to build a landing page on their space. You can utilize these platforms to build design your land page and integrate it with an email service provider.

The effectiveness of this lie in the value you provide to your audience to attract them to your landing page

How Do I Create An Email Lists Without a Website

In creating an email list, the two major things you need are traffic and a platform to store your email list. Thankfully, many email service providers out there offer plans where you can store up to 1000- 2000 email subscribers for free. Some of these services include Mailchimp, Sendinblue, etc plus they offer additional features to create a landing page

With these service providers, all you need is to utilize social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, online forums such as quora and Reddit, and words of mouth to collect emails.


Email marketing is extremely popular, and many busineses use it for this reason. In fact, if you don’t use email marketing in your business, you’re throwing money away.

The email list, on the other hand, is the bedrock and lifeblood of any email marketing campaign; without it, there would be no email marketing. The money is in the list, and having a large email list gives you a huge competitive advantage, which is why I took the time to share these helpful tips on how to get started creating your email marketing list.

I hope you found this post on how to build an email marketing list usefully. Whether you’re just starting started with building an email marketing list or looking to improve your current methods, The post got you covered.

Thanks for reading


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