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Email Marketing For Companies: Top 6 Reasons To Start In 2022

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Is email marketing for companies and business owners still worth it in 2022?

Is email marketing really dead?

Should your company or business even care about email marketing with the whole evolution of digital marketing?

These and many more related questions are most likely what you have been asking.

Good news!

I will provide an extensive answer to these questions in this post.

Let’s go

What if I told you that in no time before has email marketing for companies and business being so important for overall growth and expansion

Don’t believe me? See this 

According to emailtooltesterEmail is used by 4.3 billion individuals, with that figure expected to rise to 4.48 billion by 2024″

“306.4 billion emails were sent and received everyday in 2020. In 2024, this number is predicted to rise to nearly 361.6 billion emails each day” 

Not yet mind-blowing?

Now see this

Email creates $42 for every $1 invested, a whopping 4,200 percent return on investment, making it one of the most effective solutions accessible in all of digital marketing methods

This is massive if you ask me.

With the above verifiable stat. I sincerely think email marketing for companies wanting to really grow and carve a space for themselves is a must do.

So in this guide, I will be sharing with you a comprehensive guide on how to do email marketing for companies and why you should as a matter of fact start it immediately if you care about your company’s growth and profitability

First, let’s understand what this email marketing means for the sake of clarity

What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing in which a lead is educated and persuaded to do a specific action, such as completing a purchase, through focused email campaigns.

It is an effective digital marketing strategy.

Effective email marketing converts prospects into customers and turns one-time buyers into repeat customers and fans.

Like I already mentioned above. This guide is targeted at entrepreneurs, Business owners and especially companies who desire to get in the habit of sending email campaigns to do their marketing.

Here are what you should be expecting in this post:

  • I will show you how email marketing works generally and how email marketing for companies should be like
  • Iwill share the importance of email marketing for companies and why you should start now
  • And lastly, I will answer few of the FAQs related to  email marketing for companies

Are you excited?

Let’s proceed

How Does Email Marketing For Companies Work: What is required?

To start email marketing for Companies, two things are required without which it is impossible to run a successful email marketing campaign.

What are These Two Requirements?

1.Email List

To run successful email marketing for companies and entrepreneurs alike, such a company or brand is expected to have an active email list.

This is a collection of email addresses that have indicated that they would like to receive marketing emails from your company.

This is referred to as ‘signing up‘ in email lingua.

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That is the act of placing their email address in an email signup form on your company’s website, landing pages, blog, or anywhere else.

To comply with data protection standards and maintain your company’s trust, permission-based marketing(marketing where the person you’re marketing for has given you prior permission to do so ) is required.

This is to avoid spamming because no one wants to deal with a spammer.

You can build an email list in a variety of ways and one of the most effective methods business owners use is designing a lead magnet.

This is as an offer that your target audience will want in exchange for their email addresses. It is one of the simplest methods out there too

 2.Email Service Provider

An email service provider(ESP) on the other hand is a platform that allows you to manage your email list. This provider can  also help you create and implement automated email marketing campaigns.

Using an email service provider to manage email marketing for companies allows your company to automate actions depending on the target audience’s habits.

These enable you to personalize each client interaction, resulting in higher engagement and lower expenses

For clarity purpose, ESP can also be referred to as email servicing platform, email marketing  tool, email marketing software or email marketing service

Using the services of email servicing providers come with a cost although when done properly, companies can make 4200% of their investment. Cool right?

But why must I spend money at all by employing the services of ESPs when I can merely use my Gmail or Yahoo mail to do my email campaign for free?

A plausible question

The reason is quite simple.

Yahoo mail, Hot mail, Gmail and other companies offering these kinds of  emails are referred to as Internet service Providers (ISPs) and they provide their services for personal usage other than email campaigns.

Consequently, when a company uses such ISPs providers to send mass email,

spam filters quickly detect it, and your account may be suspended for suspicious conduct.

Also limited email bandwidth, design, and most critically, email deliverability are all likely to cause issues.

On the other side, email service providers have the infrastructure to ensure email deliverability, that is the ability to get emails into inboxes. If you want your company to start excelling with email marketing, you should consider investing in a specialized email marketing solution right now.

The Benefits OF Email Marketing For Companies

Seeing the mind-blowing statistics of the email marketing industry is firstly a pointer that email marketing for companies is a necessity and not an option. In addition, there are other advantages that email marketing provides for your company.

  1. Massive ROI

Investing money into some form of marketing such as social media networks is a tough game. You have to really understand all the tricks and put in big money into it to stand a chance of good conversion.

However, email marketing provides a more assured form of marketing with a much  better return on investment.

This one is self-evident based on the preceding. Cost effectiveness is one of the most tempting features of email marketing for companies and why you should even give it a huge consideration.

The return on investment has been proven to rise year after year. According to available data as seen in the introduction, a $1 investment in email marketing yields around $44 return on investment.

This is a huge ROI for your company and one you shouldn’t take for granted

  1. You Own The List

Another reason why email marketing for companies is so important and indispensable is  that you own and control your contact list (email list) unlike social media networks where you don’t own your list or the information you share there

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This is a huge downside to every business to depending on building all it’s subscribers solely on social media. The social media network owns all the material as well as your follower list.

And if anything happens to the network and it goes away one day, your followers that you have built overtime will disappear with it

That’s why developing an email list is vital for companies and businesses owners. 

Given an instance, If you are a successful Dropshipping company having 10,000 followers on Facebook that you market your business and service to. Meanwhile, on Twitter, you have less than a 100 followers. You cannot transfer the Facebook followers to Twitter to market to them.

If your intention is to market your product or service to 10,000 followers on Twitter. The only option is to start building the followership over there which will obviously take a very long time to achieve

This is not the case with email marketing.

You control this list of contacts you already have, and you always can communicate with them regardless of your email service provider.

This is to say if you decide to abandon a particular email service provider you have been with and move to a new one. You do not lose your list. They may not even know that anything has changed. This is a valuable upside of email marketing for companies and business

You also have a total ownership of the contents you create and send to this list

  1. Drive Traffic To Your Website

Another amazing benefit of email marketing for companies is that it increases traffic to your company’s website.

This is why email marketing is also a very valuable item in the plate of those running a successful blog.

Why is this?

When you include a strong call-to-action ( CTA)  and a link to your website at the end of every email blast you make. It will cause a spike to your website traffic as a good percentage of your subscribers will surely click on it.

So the more direct links you add to your email, the more traffic your website will have, although these links don’t have to be stuffed and annoying. It has to be natural and really relevant to the context of your email contents.

The result of this is as more people keep visiting your site, your website rank will keep going up in the search engine results (SERPs) which will ultimately bring in increased sales and conversion for your company and businesses.

  1. Develop Customer Relationships

Email marketing for companies provides a good avenue to build great customer relationships between companies and their customers or clients.

So your existing email list is a fantastic place to start building these relationships with people who are already interested in your company.

One way companies can key in to this advantage is by always reaching out, providing great values, giving out things for free once in a while and always fulfilling your promises made in your campaigns

The more often your email list see you do all of these, the more they unconsciously develop strong loyalty to you and this means great relationships

  1. Brand Awareness

Email marketing also gives companies and business owners the ample opportunity to create strong awareness for their brand

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A series of well written email campaigns sent to your lists will continue to ring bells in the mind of your list and this means awareness creation for your brand.

If you provide enough values for your list, they can even help you talk to their friends and family about your company’s Business and that is another big plus to you

Bear in mind, people take more seriously the messages on their email inbox especially the one they gave their email addresses on their own than they would for social media publications.

Email inbox has little or no distractions and so every awareness created on the platform sticks as compared to social media with all the distractions

  1. Customized and Targeted Contents

Another awesome benefit of email marketing for companies is that companies can segment their clients into multiple lists based on their preferences and provide highly targeted information to them.

After this segmentation, you can personalize your communications with email marketing. You can achieve this by simply categorizing your marketing list so that your clients get messages from you that are relevant to them, and this will in turn increase their interaction with your brand

And to ensure that your emails are always engaging, continue to adjust your contents for different audiences by way of designs, photos and tones of language

There’s nothing that keeps customers loyal when they know or feel that you care about them and place them highly. This is only possible through email marketing

Frequently Asked Questions On Email Marketing For Companies

1. What are the four types of Email Marketing

  • Email Newsletter

This is the kind of email where a company engaging material such as tips, blog posts how-tos, and announcements about new services/products, to give value to your list

  • Promotional Emails

Promotional Emails as the name goes  are kinds of emails a company send to encourage their target to buy a new product or service. It’s intent is usually to increase sales by way of offering special and exclusive offers

  • Acquisition Emails

These are emails that a company send to cold clients who are already signed up to your list but haven’t converted to customers. It’s intent is to acquire cold sign-ups to buyers

  • Retention Emails

These are emails sent with the purpose of retaining your customers by way of engaging them with valuable contents and sometimes requesting for a feedback

2. Can you Make Money From Email Marketing

Yes you can. As a matter of fact, The most potent tool in your armory for earning money online is email marketing. Not SEO, sponsored search ads or even social media. Email marketing has the highest conversion rates amongst every other marketing medium with a massive return on investment


Having seen the requirements and pros of Email marketing for companies. It is safe to say that your company or business has no reason to wave off the idea of email marketing.

Although, there are more things to learn in order to run successful email marketing for companies. The purpose of this post is to show the importance and requirements of email marketing especially for companies in its most basic form

Your Turn

Having read and understand this concept of email marketing for companies, it is time to share to friends may be concerned about marketing their own business in a most effective way


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