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9 Simple Tips To Increase Traffic To Blog In 2022

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To some, starting a blog can seem like an incredibly daunting task, but to others it’s incredibly simple.

The truth is that starting your own blog isn’t as hard as you might think, but once you have that up and running, getting people to find your blog and read it regularly can be quite challenging in itself. 

No matter how well-written your content may be, if no one knows about it or how to find it, you’re going to see very little traffic coming into your blog every day which also means no or low income

Using the right strategies to increase traffic to blog can make all the difference between an online presence that’s interesting and engaging, and one that’s dull and boring as increase in traffic will motivate you to create even more value.

With the sure-fire tips I will be sharing here, you can increase traffic to your blog in no time at all and be on your way to building a powerful personal brand as an expert in your field.

These 9 proven tips to increase traffic to your blog can be summed up in on simple term, Engage Others

Engage others:

A natural side effect of being more active online is engaging with other users and including interesting tidbits about yourself that create trust for others. 

Most visitors expect an author’s website to tell them something new about him or her—and although no one cares too much about how often you update your blog (or how good it is), they do care if they like you and feel they know you personally.

As soon as someone feels like he or she knows where he stands—he or she might begin trusting that blogger’s information enough to link back to his site and boost traffic.

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9 Simple Ways To Increase Traffic To Blog

Here are 9 Ways engaging others will Increase Traffic To Blog 

1) Start Creating Great Content

This one might seem obvious but it’s easy to get stuck in a routine of writing quantity over quality and never quite crossing over into professional territory because we’re being pushed for time instead of aiming high enough from day one. 

Most times, you look at other blogs in your niche that have been there for a few years before yours with tons of content. You immediately feel overwhelmed and pressured to meet up. 

You enter into a race of dishing out contents on a regular basis, half baked and not so well written, that only drives visitors away. This is the mistake most newbies make and instead of increasing traffic to blog, both your readers and search engines begin to distance themselves from you

This is why quality will always win quantity in all you do.

So, ask yourself: What topics would you like to write about if you had all the time in the world? Why not start there?

Create quality contents that serves user’s intent even if it’s just one article per week and you will see yourself building relationships with your readers and search engines

2) Link Out Strategically

We know linking out is good for SEO, but it can also help your site by growing your social media reach and encouraging others to share your posts with their followers.

(Remember that other sites will link back too.) If you make use of Twitter Cards, Facebook Open Graph and LinkedIn Profile Pages, you’ll increase traffic to your website when people click on those links.

Good links from high Domain Authority  sites have a way of passing traffic and authority juices to your own blog. So be strategic in linking out and watch increase traffic to your blog

3) Optimize Your Images

Images are another fantastic way to increase traffic to your website as they can easily be shared on social media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram. 

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The simplest way to optimize them is by adding alt text (for image search optimization) as well as including an image caption that describes what viewers are looking at so they have context when deciding whether or not they want to save an image onto their computer or mobile device and view it later at home. 

Also when your images are well optimized in your blog, search engines favours it by showing it in image search results when the keyword is searched for and this ultimately is an effective way to increase traffic to blog

4) Use Call-To-Action

Just like anything else in business, telling readers exactly what you’d like them to do next gets right to the point. Calls-to-action allow you to clearly state your intentions so people don’t have any questions about where they should go next. 

One smart way to go about call-to-action in blog posts to increase traffic to blog  is through interlinking the right way. 

For example, say you are writing a blog post on ” how to start a profitable blog in 2022″ and perhaps, you had written a post on “how to choose a perfect blog niche” before. When you are giving steps on “how to start a profitable blog “, you could link to the post on choosing a blog niche.”

But instead of linking just plainly, speak directly to your reader in something like this Click here for a detailed guide on how to choose the perfect Blogging niche.

Your readers will most likely click on it and hence spend a longer time in your blog. This will send a signal to Google that you in fact have something valuable to offer in your blog. Consequently, they will continue serving your site to readers in SERPs which means increase traffic to blog

5) Tag influencers

Many bloggers these days adopt the approach of tagging big influencers in their posts by reaching out to them through email first, before publishing, and asking if they’d be happy to promote it on social media once it’s live.

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Saying, “Hey [influencer], I’ve built a resource I’m really proud of—would you mind having a look?” might be an effective way to capture their attention. Not only does this immediately enhance traffic to your own website, but it also opens the door to future collaborations.

So, once in a while, tagging Influencers in your area is a terrific method to boost your site’s exposure and blog traffic.

6) Reach Out Directly

Reaching out directly to others is another way to increase traffic to blog and improve relationship with people

Don’t forget about sending emails directly to potential clients; just like influencing others through guest posting, reaching out directly is still effective albeit often overlooked nowadays. 

When someone hears from someone they trust (or even someone they’ve never heard of), it’s human nature to take note and act accordingly. Just remember: Don’t send unsolicited mass emails unless you have something valuable to offer in return!

7) Revamp Social Media Accounts

It’s simple, but surprisingly a lot of people don’t do it: Post regularly to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn! 

Consider automating social media posts using Buffer (Facebook), Hootsuite (Twitter) or Sprout Social (LinkedIn) and watch how this increase traffic to blog

8) Make it mobile-friendly

According to Pew Research, 46% of American adults own a smartphone and 34% of them access social media sites on their phone. 

This is why making sure your blog design is highly responsive is crucial.

Also, keep that in mind as you plan your next posts and consider making sure they’re optimized for sharing across different types of devices!

9) Email subscribers

If you’re already blogging, you might have an email list. That’s awesome! One way to increase traffic to blog with an email list is by sharing a post or two specifically geared towards people on your email list. 

They’ve already opted in so why not give them what they asked for?


With the amount of new blogs popping up every day, it can be hard to attract readers and viewers to your site, but there are ways you can increase traffic to your blog so that you’re always attracting fresh eyes.

I hope you found this post valuable? Should you have any question or contribution. Please do leave a comment down below

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