Free ways to promote Affiliate links

9 Free Ways To Promote Affiliate Links In 2022

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Do you have affiliate links? Are you struggling to find ways to promote them that don’t cost money? If so, this article will be of great value to you. Read on to learn about 9 completely free ways to promote affiliate links and get people clicking through to your favorite merchant websites as well as buying from them.

Since many affiliate marketers are looking to maximize their earning potential, coupled with being a beginner, it’s only natural that you want to promote your affiliate links in the most effective way possible. 

However, knowing how to go about this can be difficult – there are so many options! In this article, we’ll discuss ten free ways you can promote your affiliate links to increase sales and keep you on top of the leaderboard as long as possible.

With these ideas in mind, hopefully you can drive more traffic, sales, and commissions into your pockets.

The Top 9 Free Ways To Promote Affiliate Links

Since you can’t just shove affiliate links wherever you want in your own website, here are 9 free ways to promote affiliate links so that you get more commission without wasting money on ads or paid placements. Use these ideas to bring in more revenue through the affiliate channels of your choice, whether it’s Amazon Associates, or another network.

1) Niche Forum

A lot of affiliate marketers get stuck promoting links on forums but don’t have much success. This could be because they aren’t promoting it in a niche forum or they aren’t taking advantage of some other effective techniques. 

Posting in niche forums is a great way to promote affiliate links and increase your sales. 

You can spend some time every day finding niche forum threads that would be interested in your product and include an affiliate link where it makes sense to do so.

This will boost your sales and allow you to network with other affiliates too! 

And don’t forget, you should also post in general forums on subjects related to your product; people from all over are always posting, even if they aren’t part of a specific forum. 

Remember though: Be helpful, not spammy! Participate in those threads regularly. 

Having more activity will help your posts stick out more and people will be more likely to click on your links if they see that you are a trustworthy member of that community. 

Don’t just post affiliate links without contributing information or value. 

Otherwise, you could find yourself banned from participating in most forums – or worse yet, sued for spamming! 

As an affiliate, you can also start your own thread with an affiliate link to one of your products or services. It doesn’t matter how many posts you produce as long as they aren’t spammy and drive traffic back to your site.

Make sure not to send any PMs with your links, as most forums will delete them, and if they become too prevalent, users will be permanently banned.

If you’re new to internet affiliate marketing, look for specialty forums where you can quickly get up to speed and make money promoting affiliate products.

Joining Amazon Forums, for example, helps you to learn from others who are using Amazon to promote their items (in addition to marketing your own).

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2) Guest Posting On Relevant Sites

This is especially great if you have your own blog and want to promote it as well. 

Find out which sites already have an audience interested in your topic, and find out if they accept guest posts. If they do, you can use that opportunity to promote affiliate links on their site and to drive traffic back to your site. 

Most websites or blogs allow you to use at least a few hyperlinks in your guest post, so include any affiliate links as part of a larger strategy for building relationships with influencers in your niche and driving referral traffic from their audience to yours. 

Just make sure that everything is above board and disclose any relevant partnerships when you publish content.

So If you’re an active writer or blogger, one of your easiest and most effective free ways to promote affiliate links is through guest posts. It’s a win-win for both you and your future readers: 

You get to share information about products that you love and link to helpful resources, and visitors to that website have new content on hand. 

If you feel comfortable with it, offer to create several guest posts for the site about topics that might interest your ideal audience—and include one (or more) of your affiliate links in each post. 

Who knows? In addition to driving traffic and promoting your product, you may also gain loyal followers who come back frequently just because they enjoy reading what you have to say. As always, use good judgment when sharing your links so as not to spam websites or come off as overly pushy. 

3) Email List Nurturing

Email lists are fantastic free ways to promote affiliate links. This is because Email subscribers tend to be more receptive to promotional messages than social media followers since they’ve explicitly signed up for them you know.

So you might be wondering how using email marketing is a free way to promote your affiliate links when you actually need to pay to use this email marketing software.

Well, the reason is simple! There are many email marketing platforms that offer free plans for beginners to get started building email lists and running email marketing. So it qualifies as a FREE way to promote Affiliate links

Building an email list, if you don’t already have one, takes time and work (truth be told), but it’s one of your best chances for marketing affiliate links.

Here’s a quick approach to quickly growing your email list.

As a result, including a short affiliate link in your emails is a simple approach to increase your affiliate commissions without exerting too much effort.

4) Use YouTube Videos

According to many experts, YouTube is one of the most effective free ways to promote affiliate links because it’s still a very relevant source for traffic. 

It’s also one of those platforms that offer you a lot more than just views; not only can you easily integrate your affiliate links into video descriptions, but you can also use pre-roll ads and annotations for even better returns. 

Most YouTubers make a killing using the platform as a fantastic and free way to promote affiliate links—and you too can do the same provided you know how to do it right. 

The first step is crafting a killer title and description, in which of course, the description needs to include your affiliate link. 

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For example, let’s say you were selling an eBook teaching people how to make Hair Cream at home. 

Your video’s title could be: “Homemade Haircream: All You Need To Know”, while your description might read something like: 

“This video teaches you everything you need to know about making Hair Cream at home, from what tools are necessary, to where you can get supplies for free”. Then strategically include your Affiliate links

So that anyone who clicks will take them directly there. 

It also helps to add keywords to your video titles, descriptions, and tags—like Hair Cream Making or making Hair Cream—to help people find your videos when they search those terms. 

The more views you get, the higher chance of people clicking through your affiliate links and ultimately leading to more Affiliate commissions

Remember: If someone searches how to make homemade Hair Cream, they’re looking for information related specifically to making Hair Cream at home. 

So including your Affiliate links in the description showing where they can buy materials and tools to also produce their own candles following your guide makes total sense

5) Give Away Free Stuff

Giving out freebies has never failed when it comes to building loyal followers or audiences in the online space.

As a matter of fact, When it comes to promoting your product or service, free stuff is always better than paid advertising. 

In fact, according to one study by Marketing Sherpa (pdf), companies that give away a free product are likely to see an ROI of 150%. Not too shabby. 

So if you’re selling an affiliate product and aren’t sure how else to promote your affiliate links, try giving out freebies for email subscribers—the kind of things that don’t cost much but go a long way toward building goodwill with potential customers. 

It could be things as simple as Ebooks, Checklist or anything that won’t cost you much but your followers will still find very relevant and useful 

Another approach to this is promising to give out a lot of valuable freebies to people who will buy through your affiliate links and make sure you fulfill those promises.

You should probably see higher conversion rates over time as people come back for more stuff! 

6) Use Quora

Quora is one of my favorite places to promote affiliate links. It is a question and answer site with active communities for just about every niche under the sun, including your target audience. 

If your post resonates with readers on Quora, they’ll be much more likely to click through an affiliate link. 

If you’re looking for free ways to promote affiliate links, using Quora can be an effective way as it will also help you to drive traffic to your blog or website 

The key here is to focus on answering questions people ask frequently—but be sure to have affiliate links in your answers. 

That way, when someone clicks through your answer, they will go straight to where they can make a purchase; if you have enough visitors going through answers, it could lead to commissions from multiple sales over time. 

While there are other ways of promoting affiliate links on Quora, asking and answering questions is one of the most effective ways because it directs traffic right where you want them: buying products through your affiliate link. 

7) Use Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to promote affiliate links because you have to put yourself into them. This makes it hard for people to forget about you and your offers. 

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If you put in time into these groups by posting content, answering members’ questions, people will be more likely to trust you when they click your links. 

Another benefit of using Facebook groups is that most of them allow you to post as much content as you want which means that they are also free advertising spots for all of your products! 

These free advertising spots also work well if your niche allows it because you can create giveaways, coupons, and discounts within these groups which means that many members will be exposed to them before they take any action on their offers! 

8) Post On Review Sites

The more places you post your reviews, especially if they’re on higher-quality sites (like those from niche review experts), the better. 

There are tons of review sites out there, but you can use search engines to find them (for example, Bing’s keyword Coffee Maker Reviews gives me a list of good ones). 

Make sure to include your affiliate links in each of these reviews—it’s one way to promote an affiliate product in multiple locations and at once! 

This is also a great opportunity to start writing and posting product reviews regularly; you can get into a routine, do it more often and with more helpful information on each product. 

You should definitely consider doing both; it will help boost traffic significantly over time.

9) Use Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favorite sites for promoting products and services and of course one of the free ways to promote affiliate links.

Users post new links every day, and you can find trending items easily by looking at what’s popular.

The trick is to make your pins repinned which means that a person has to repin your link for it to count as a repin, which is great because it filters out spam. 

This can be done by making sure you add a little bit of value in your pins, like linking to relevant content or even just using something as simple as placing a keyword-rich anchor text in your pin description, making your pin easy to find if someone searches that keyword on Pinterest. 

Basically, you add some value, use good keywords and let Pinterest do its magic!

Another way Pinterest can help promote affiliate links is with its pin it button. It’s easy to pin an image from a site like Amazon or Etsy into your Pinterest feed, but you could also add a pin it button that shows up on every page of your website for customers who want to purchase something quickly without leaving your site. 

Finally, grasp this basic human psychology. People are more impacted by the purchases and experiences of others, so why not establish boards where they can see what others have purchased?

This will boost the number of people who see your Affiliate links, increasing your chances of earning a greater commission.

Here’s how to use Pinterest to advertise your affiliate links in detail.


It’s never been easier to build an affiliate marketing business! The key is to learn what works and what doesn’t, which takes time and energy. Instead of letting you waste resources on trial and error, we have decided to save you the headache by giving you the above top 9 free ways to promote affiliate links in 2022

We hope you found this post valuable! Should you have any questions or contributions as regards the top. Kindly leave a comment down below and remember to share!

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