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13 Top Print On Demand Sites To Make Money In 2022

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Print-on-demand services have been available for some time, but it wasn’t until a decade ago that they really started gaining steam.

While T-shirts and other apparel items were big sellers in POD programs, Print On Demand has since evolved into much more than that.

From posters and calendars to books and mugs, you can get your design printed (or unprinted) and sold online—which makes POD a potentially lucrative way to make money from your artwork or designs. 

Today we’ll take a look at 13 popular and top print on demand sites that might help you do just that.

We’re not endorsing any of these companies, as each will likely have different strengths and drawbacks depending on what you need. 

However, every one of them could represent a creative opportunity if you’re looking to generate cash by selling your own designs online.

But before that, let’s clearly say what print on demand sites are

What Are Print On Demand Sites?

Print on demand (POD) sites are websites that allow you to create and sell your digital designs on products like t-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, and other items.

They are great ways to make money online by selling your printed designs and other digital creations. You don’t need your own business or inventory, and you don’t have to deal with customers directly – the print on demand site does all of that for you!

They also help you diversify your sales channels so you can make money from more than just your website traffic.

Now let’s explore the 13 top print on demand sites for 2022

13 Top Print On Demand Sites To Explore In 2022

This list is intended to be helpful rather than exhaustive; please feel free to share your own experiences with print on demand sites in the comments section below! There are many other great ones out there worth checking out too! 

Let’s begin with our first entry:

1) Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is Europe’s largest print-on-demand marketplace with millions of customers worldwide but who needs to guess when I can tell you it is? 

It has a strong presence in Germany and France, where it was founded in 2002, but it also has a few English-language channels.

Spreadshirt has grown in popularity as one of the most top print on demand sites, allowing designers from all over the world to sell their work globally.

They are used by individuals, small businesses, and major corporations alike. As a result, Spreadshirt can benefit everybody.

With so many customers coming through their doors every day, it makes sense why they’re rated as #1 on our list of 10 Top Print On Demand Sites To Make Money In 2022. 

What really sets them apart from other POD sites is they have very user-friendly software. There is no learning curve at all because even though you don’t know much about design or formatting files, you will still be able to create a design within minutes. 

You won’t need any special knowledge of programming or web building skills like Photoshop or Illustrator. 

It only takes simple clicks to create a design and share it online. Their packages also offer great value for money so if you want fast cash, then start creating your design on Spreadshirt right now! 

All these reasons landed them 2nd place on our Top 10 Print On Demand Sites To Make Money In 2022 list.

If you’re not sure if your idea will fly or if your market isn’t as big as you originally thought it might be, how about trying a site with millions of potential customers instead of tens of thousands?

Learn more about Spreadshirt Here

2) Zazzle

Owned by eBay, Zazzle is one of the largest and top print on demand sites, with more than two million products. 

This site allows you to create and sell products such as custom T-shirts, mugs, posters, bags, and more.

You set your own price for each product you sell. When someone purchases a product from your store, Zazzle will print and ship it out; there are no upfront costs or required minimums. 

Zazzle takes care of storing your products until they’re sold. Once a sale is made, you are paid your own share while Zazzle takes its own percentage. If you have any inventory leftover at year’s end, Zazzle will keep it in storage for up to two years at no charge. 

This print-on-demand platform requires little involvement once your items have been uploaded: You can choose how often you want to receive payment alerts via email—every month, every other month, or every quarter—and shipping notifications come directly from UPS. 

Zazzle also has a generous affiliate program that allows you to earn money by referring new sellers to their platform. All you need to do is sign up as an affiliate, then link back to them from your site using code provided by Zazzle (this can be found in Affiliate settings). 

The best part about it? It’s free! 

So if you’re interested in monetizing your website or t-shirt line or if you’re looking for another way to diversify your income stream beyond freelance writing, consider adding Zazzle as another option for making money off of what you publish online . . . especially because it won’t cost anything upfront and it’s one of the top print on demand sites

Learn more about Zazzle Here

3) CafePress

Cafepress is a popular print-on-demand website. You may design your own brand with business cards, mugs, mouse pads, and even caps, in addition to standard t-shirts.

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Cafepress has risen to become one of the most popular print-on-demand sites and the greatest destination for those wishing to sell their own products and ideas in just a decade.

There are hundreds of templates accessible, making it simple to create high-quality items without investing a lot of time or money in design, especially if you don’t want to deal with product design.

CafePress has a vast selection of pre-made layouts that you may customize right away on their website. This enables starting to sell at higher prices much easier and faster than on most other sites.

Choose your goods, customize them, and then upload designs from your computer or a URL.

As soon as you create and sell your first product, you’ll be able to start making money.

CaféPress also sells physical gift cards, which take a little longer to arrive if you don’t have any customers yet.

You should notice a lot of foot traffic if you stay proactive and continue to market your shop.. 

This site is a great place to start if you’re looking for top print on demand sites that also offer great commission. 

The best part about CafePress is that you can use your own designs and graphics, meaning you won’t be creating products from scratch as many other print-on-demand companies do. 

This site has had some major success as well, with more than 2 million customers in over 100 countries. Using CafePress can potentially help you make money faster than almost any other printing service because of its size and structure. 

Unlike other platforms, though you can choose to either have to pay commission fees upfront or get it deducted when sales commissions come in which 

Whatever options fit best with what kind of product line or service you offer will ultimately determine which platform will work best for you—but there’s definitely a lot of potential here either way. 

Once you’ve created your products and begun selling them, you’ll need to promote them somehow. Although, they do give users a few promotional tools

But promoting your CafePress shop doesn’t mean paying for ads or investing too much into various promotional material creation; simply placing relevant links throughout social media where possible and perhaps linking out from any additional online profiles could provide enough free traffic to bring profits flowing in faster than you might expect . . . provided that people buy into your project through those links! 

CafePress has had a lot of success with huge names, so it’s absolutely worth looking into if it seems like something you’d like to attempt! It could be just what you need to get your home business off the ground.

So, with many predicting that e-commerce will reach a saturation point of around $1 trillion by 2022, POD marketplaces like CaféPress’s marketplace aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Learn More About CafePress Here

4) Redbubble

Redbubble is one of the top print on demand sites that makes it simple for users to earn money.

This print-on-demand platform has earned a name for itself as a quick and painless way to get your artwork printed on t-shirts, phone covers, mugs, and other items.

Redbubble allows you to upload your design and then sell it through their marketplace or through their site. 

There are no setup fees and no required sales, so artists can upload as many designs as they’d like. You get paid when customers buy your product, so there’s no risk of getting stuck with inventory if you can’t sell your items. 

Redbubble takes care of shipping and printing costs and has excellent customer service, meaning sellers rarely have trouble turning a profit on printed products. If you’re looking for one of the top print on demand sites to make money, Redbubble is a good option.

Best of all? They accept both digital and physical artwork (think: photographs and drawings). It’s never been easier to sell custom products than it is now. If you want more info about how to make money from Redbubble be sure to check out our

Learn More About Redbubble Here

5) Customink

Another industry leader and one of our favorite top print on demand sites is Customink, a great option for designers and businesses alike. 

It also happens to be one of the top print on demand sites for business owners who are looking for print products such as business cards, brochures, and postcards. 

Their user interface is easy to use, making it simple for first-time users, while still allowing advanced users access to advanced features. This site offers a wide range of products with customization options such as size, color, texture, bleed lines, and much more. 

Prices are comparable to other popular print-on-demand companies like Vistaprint but may not be as cost-effective as others featured here.

If you are looking for quality over price or want your product available internationally Customink should be high on your list. 

One really nice thing about using a company like Customink is that you can upload your own designs, patterns, and logos instantly! Printing becomes very affordable when dealing in large quantities.

A great feature about Customink is that they offer international shipping which means no worries about customs charges once your orders start shipping. You can also look at wholesale pricing which gives you even better prices depending on order volume. 

What will really help your chances of earning money through Customink is if you upload some original images and graphics or if you create exclusive designs for them. 

To succeed faster supposing you are going for the former. You should also be sure to come up with relevant descriptions that show off your expertise or provide value to your audience. You can then include these descriptions along with any links in your social media posts about their products. 

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This strategy will boost engagement while helping to build trust with potential customers. 

When people see that others have had success with a particular product or service, they are more likely to become a customer themselves. 

And considering how simple it is to get started at Customink, there’s no reason not to get started now! 

Learn More About Customink

6) Printify

They’ve been around since 2015, and have now become a trusted source for thousands of designers and brands alike. 

With Printify you can make money with POD, but they also have an app that can help you create your designs so you can sell on Amazon. 

It’s one of those top print on demand sites to make money in 2022. In 2017, Printify had over 1000 merchants using their app; 8500 sales were made through their mobile application alone. 

The fact that many sellers are choosing Printify as a way to reach their audience shows just how powerful these top print on demand sites are. 

You should look into using them if you want to make money off your own brand as well as work with others’. If you’re not sure how it works or how to go about setting up your account

Learn More About Printify Here

7) Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a print-on-demand t-shirt program powered by Amazon. 

It is one of the top print on demand sites that allows you to sell customized T-shirts with your own designs. 

After you set up your account, you can upload your own designs or browse for cool stuff. 

Once you sign up for Merch by Amazon and submit artwork in your account’s art gallery within 24 hours of registration, they will send someone from their support team who will approve or deny it based on quality and content. 

After getting approval from them, you can start selling your merchandise within two days! 

When someone buys one of your shirts, Amazon will print and ship it for you. You get paid when someone makes a purchase on Amazon, so your job is basically to just design stuff that people want to buy. 

There’s no upfront cost to use Merch by Amazon—you only get charged when a shirt actually sells—so there’s really no risk involved with trying it out (and if you have an awesome idea, what do you have to lose?). 

When it comes time for payment, they will be sent by PayPal or direct deposit into your bank account, whichever you prefer. 

One thing I love most about Merch by Amazon is that they offer coaching classes led by real experts where they give sellers advice on how to become successful using Print On Demand technology.

Also, This company has some very helpful resources and tips/tricks along with videos provided through YouTube which will help sellers grow their business exponentially and make more money. 

Learn more about Merch by Amazon Here

8) Teespring

Teespring is one of the most popular top print on demand sites because it’s easy and cheap. 

You choose your T-shirt type, color, and style; upload your own artwork or use a design provided by Teespring; set a price for your shirt; determine how many you want in each size; make payment; add slogans, captions, or logos if desired. 

Then wait for customers to start buying! 

At that point, Teespring does all of the heavy lifting—printing your T-shirts as needed, shipping them out when they’re ordered—and shipping them out via postal mail with tracking. 

The company keeps track of inventory levels so you don’t end up with a stack of shirts that no one wants.

A fantastic feature is that once you create an account and pass level 2 approval (which happens rapidly), anyone can shop in your store even if they aren’t signed in.

That means potential buyers can click through from Facebook ads or Twitter tweets about awesome new shirts and grab something right away without having to create an account first. 

It also means people who are just window shopping—but not ready to spend money yet—can buy something easily without having to go through a complicated checkout process first.

Learn More About Teespring

9) Printful

Founded in 2013, Charlotte NC-based print-on-demand site Printful has long been one of our favorites. 

This startup business is designed for entrepreneurs with little or no e-commerce experience and can accommodate most product types. 

It’s also a great option for bloggers who are sick of seeing their name attached to advertisements for items they have nothing to do with—they can make money as affiliates without having their readers realize it. 

With Printful, you can sell prints of your favorite photos online and make money by adding your designs onto t-shirts, phone cases, art prints, and more. 

You can choose from thousands of products in their print-on-demand store or upload your own. 

Customers choose Printful for their printing quality and speedy production time. One of their most popular sellers? Coffee mugs with funny sayings and cute pictures printed right onto them! 

​For years, print-on-demand (POD) companies have brought products to life with digital printing technology. It was only recently that Printful came along, marrying POD with e-commerce so brands can sell products they’ve created on platforms like Etsy and Shopify. ​

Offering a variety of customizable printed products—including T-shirts, phone cases, and pillows—Printful is an affordable and reliable option for any company looking to make money by selling its designs as tangible objects. 

What’s more? 

Printful takes away most of the headache that comes along with operating an online business: you don’t need inventory or anything else in order to create these products. 

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Once you list your product, customers buy directly from Printful itself and you receive payment immediately. Pretty sweet deal! 

Rates vary based on a host of factors, including order volume, variety of products, and size/shipping requirements.

Printful also works with big brands like AT&T and T Mobile! 

Learn More About Printful Here

10) Threadless

Top print on demand sites like Threadless let designers submit their own print designs and make money if those designs are chosen for production. 

Once you’ve designed a shirt, you simply upload it and put it up for a vote. If your design is approved, people can buy that shirt and you get a cut of every sale (you also get royalties every time someone buys something using your design). 

Even though Threadless acts as an online storefront, its Print on Demand feature allows designers to upload shirts without having any inventory or shipping costs. 

And while there are some restrictions – designs have to be limited edition T-shirts – many people find success selling designer gear through Threadless without ever leaving their couch! 

With a huge number of possible markets and niches, Threadless is one way to help you make money designing cool stuff. 

This site lets you create printables such as mugs, totes, iPhone cases, phone covers, and more. You can earn anywhere from $2-$15 per item sold with each printable ranging in price from around $7-$50. 

Products typically take about three weeks to be printed and shipped out so once you receive payment for your product(s), you’ll then need to deposit them into your bank account within seven days of receiving payment. 

In terms of marketing/promotion of products: these prints can sometimes sell themselves but if you want them to sell even faster than would be optimal, once they’re live it’s smart to promote them across various social media platforms in order to reach new customers who might not yet know about Printicular’s products.

Designing T-shirts may not sound like a money-making venture, but Threadless is an example of how a business can make money off of top print-on-demand sites.

Learn More About Threadless Here

11) Shutterfly

This one makes us feel especially nostalgic—it began life out of one guy’s frustration at not being able to print his own holiday cards using home printers (paper jams were cited as a concern). 

He launched his first app in 2011 but hasn’t stopped innovating since; today it’s far beyond what anyone could have imagined when we first heard about Shutterfly back then. 

Whether you want standard photo books, custom scrapbooks or personalized calendars, Shutterfly has got it all at reasonable prices. 

With literally millions of templates available within each product category too, your options are pretty much limitless! 

Create something really different or upload your shots for prints on demand and use their smart software to create collages, mugs and bags among many other cool creations. 

Basically, almost whatever you can think of! And once printed if you’re in a hurry – upload them again to pick up where it left off later that evening…for free. Can’t get better than that! 

Learn More About Shutterfly Here

12) Custom Cat T-shirts

Custom Cat T-shirts is a number in our list of the top print on demand sites that you can make money in 2022

Another new design shop where all you have to do is upload some high-quality artwork, choose whether it’s going on apparel or merchandise like mugs and phone cases, select from different shirt colors and shirt materials, pick a country/region where you want shirts printed from among many others (you can select multiple countries), add extra text like names or website links if needed, click add to cart, confirm shipping options after checkout then finally get paid when your design reaches $10 earned sales plus 50 cents commission fee per item sold. 

At custom cat t-shirts, they offer 3 base shirt styles which include a classic t-shirt, baseball tee, and hoodie. Each comes in 4 color variations plus 11 categories of custom text t-shirts including couple’s matching shirts available. 

Learn More About Custom Cat T-shirt

13) Society 6

Society6 is one of the most popular and top print on demand sites out there. featuring artwork from over 70,000 creators. 

It’s especially a popular site for artists and designers who want to sell their wares

Society6 Artists have control over how their designs are displayed, which makes for easier sales than other sites. 

In terms of products offered, Society6 has a variety of prints up for sale. For example, you can find phone cases featuring illustrations by some extremely talented artists as well as pieces perfect for framing (including some framed art options). 

Like many print-on-demand platforms, Society6 takes a pretty hefty cut of each sale. This can hurt your bottom line but will help keep prices affordable for customers—if people are paying lower prices for items, they’re likely to purchase more. 

Learn More About Society6 Here


The print on demand industry has seen unprecedented growth in the last decade, and experts predict even more explosive growth over the next five years as well. 

This makes it a great time to get in on the ground floor of this growing industry, as competition will be lower, allowing you to attract more customers and make more money from home

However, when starting out it can be difficult to know which print on demand sites are legitimate and which ones are full of scams. 

That’s the reason we compiled this list of 13 top print on demand sites to help you navigate through the confusing world of print on demand sites and find the best ones that will earn you money without ruining your reputation or wasting your time.

I hope you found this article really helpful! Should you have any question or contribution to make, kindly leave a comment down below.


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