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10 Tips To Creating a Lead Magnet For Email Marketing

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Creating a lead magnet is one of the finest ways to grow your email list, but many marketers are hesitant to begin because they are frightened by the process. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to begin or how to get your lead magnet through the editing stage—we’ve got you covered!

In other words, we’ve produced a list of ten tips for creating a lead magnet that will immediately improve your email marketing. Not only that, but we’ll also answer frequently asked questions about what a lead magnet is and why you’d need one for your email marketing.


What’s a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a piece of useful information that you give away in exchange for your visitor’s contact information.

For example, let’s say you own a real estate company and want to use email marketing to attract new customers. You could give away a simple cheat sheet as your lead magnet – perhaps The 10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make – and offer it in exchange for an email address.

When someone joins your email list, you may then send them helpful information and ideas for buying or selling a home.

Creating great lead magnets will assist you in growing your email list and keeping users coming to your site, which can lead to improved conversions and sales. As a result, these suggestions will help you create a lead magnet that is both captivating and effective in increasing your company’s bottom line.

Benefits Of Creating A Lead Magnet

The benefits of creating a lead magnet cannot be overemphasized. But here are some of the greatest reason why you should have a lead magnet

  • Lead magnets may aid in the development of trust and authority.
  • This demonstrates to potential clients that you aren’t just looking for a quick payday.
  • You demonstrate that you understand what you’re doing and how you can assist them.
  • It enables you to establish yourself as a subject matter expert.
  • It enables you to create an email list faster and easier.

10 Tips For Creating A Lead Magnet

1) Know Your Goal

Whatever you do, your goal should be clear. By creating a lead magnet, you’re looking to increase your email subscribers. If that’s your main goal, make sure you optimize your lead magnet landing page so that it’s geared toward getting people to sign up.

That means making it clear how many emails they’ll receive and what kinds of content they can expect from you on a regular basis. It also means minimizing distractions—don’t offer sidebars or links to unrelated articles.

The easier it is for someone to give you their email address, click or tap Sign Up, and move on with their day, the better. Once you’ve got them onboarded, focus on nurturing them along (and send them more lead magnets).

Start small: You don’t need to create a 100-page ebook as your first lead magnet. In fact, starting small allows you to test things out without committing tons of time and money; should people respond well to what you’re offering, feel free to grow it into something bigger.

Offering some sort of value upfront gets your audience interested in what you have to say. 

It’s important to know that not all lead magnets are created equal; which ones work best varies depending on your industry. For example, if you own a real estate company and use lead magnets like checklists and worksheets, those are likely to resonate much more with potential buyers than if you owned a high-end clothing store.

When setting up your lead magnet(s), think about who your ideal customers are, and then figure out what would appeal to them most. Be generous but not too aggressive: Lead magnets shouldn’t be pushy. They should let readers learn about you in an organic way—without feeling as though they’re being bombarded with pitches. 

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This means using copy that’s written in a friendly tone and isn’t excessively wordy or repetitive, while providing valuable information readers actually want to see/read/watch/etc.

2) Keep It Short, Simple And Actionable

When it comes to creating a lead magnet, some of us get carried away with all of our incredible tips and techniques. So, while you can go on and on with your bullet points, consider which ones are truly essential.

Focus on giving people what they need in a simple, digestible way that is actionable. For example: don’t just say tips or list but actually list out your tips for an effective email marketing campaign.

Sometimes less is more! It’s okay if not every tip has a pretty graphic with it too… It won’t kill your email marketing campaign if someone doesn’t read every one of those 10 steps! Who has time?! Get straight to business and give them only what they want. 

Remember short, sweet, and actionable wins every time! So take out those pesky filler words (ex. at least, just because) and don’t bury the reader with unnecessary long sentences! 

Check your word count too! You don’t have to be longer than 1000 words–too much information could confuse readers or overwhelm them, making them lose interest quickly (caveat: there are always exceptions). Aim for 250-350 max and remember that shorter might mean better since readers would be able to scroll down faster without being overwhelmed with text.

Also, do not make it one long paragraph type of thing either! Break up your text into small chunks so that it looks visually pleasing as well as easy to read. Use boldface headings to group related topics together.

Lastly, don’t forget images/graphics when appropriate! This helps break up a wall of text and can also help clarify any complex topics through visuals only . There you have it friends – 10 ways to create helpful email marketing lead magnets everyone will love!

3) Use Free Tools (Or Make Your Own From Scratch)

There are numerous free tools available that make it simple to build eye-catching lead magnets, including advanced design templates that you may utilize when it comes to creating a lead magnet. For making your own personalized designs, Canva and Visme are two fantastic options. They also offer mobile apps in a variety of settings, allowing you to access your ideas while on the go.

No matter which tool(s) you choose, though, always remember to place them in an easily accessible spot on your website. Doing so is important because they’re often what convince potential clients to subscribe; if they’re hard to find or buried beneath other content, then few people will take advantage of them.

If you however have a little bit more time on your hands and want to customize these types of landing pages even further, then I’d recommend building them from scratch using HTML/CSS; 

Whichever route you choose, though, once you’ve created your magnet (and especially after testing its success!), be sure to put together some follow-up actions for when people sign up. 

Whether that means setting up an autoresponder series or sending them relevant emails from other sources is up to you—but make sure people know what’s next! So many people get excited about downloading their freebie and then just forget about it.

4) Keep It Relevant With The Latest Trends

Several factors influence whether or not creating a lead magnet is worthwhile. Email marketing is one of them.

The efficiency of an email marketing campaign is determined by a variety of factors, including your consumers’ familiarity with your brand, how frequently they use their inboxes, and how influential they are in their circles. There will be no fruitful outcomes from a lead magnet unless you have an excellent email marketing strategy in place.

For example, let’s assume that you sell yoga mats. You could create a series of online guides about different aspects of yoga to serve as lead magnets for email marketing, but wouldn’t it be better if you could figure out what kind of content your target audience craves? 

You can easily uncover people’s needs by reading through comments posted on relevant blogs or on forums associated with yoga or health. 

People are much more likely to enter their email addresses in exchange for access to valuable content related to topics they already love. In addition, make sure that all of your emails follow best practices. 

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Some companies make rookie mistakes when designing email blasts such as sending blast emails on holidays and weekends; don’t forget to put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes! 

The worst thing you can do is lose those customers who have chosen to trust you over so many other brands just because you forgot to keep certain days off-limits for your business automated messages. 

How would customers feel receiving a gift card offer right after attending a funeral service?

5) Test It’s Effectiveness

It doesn’t end with creating a lead magnet. It’s a good idea to test the efficiency of your lead magnet before sharing it with others. You may do this in a number of ways, one of which is by hosting a giveaway. This is when you write an ebook or checklist and give it away in return for someone’s email address.

The notion is that if you ask for someone’s contact information, they’ll be much more inclined to read and follow whatever updates you have planned. After all, they’re a hot lead.

Test out different forms of giveaways to see what resonates best with your audience. 

You could try having people fill out a short survey before getting access to your free content; ask them why they want it and find out what problems they’re facing as consumers. 

From there, you can tailor your next giveaway better. Those surveys will also prove helpful later on when you reach out to those same leads again. If they filled out a form then, they might be more open to filling one out now that you’ve followed up and reminded them who you are (so long as none of your competitors have done so first).

Asking people to provide valuable feedback about your product or service is another effective tactic for creating a lead magnet that will positively impact your business

6) Test Different Calls-to-Action

In creating a lead magnet, we generally recommend using calls-to-action that tell your readers exactly what they should do. 

For example, if you want them to sign up for a webinar, ask them outright in your copy. If they need more information before taking that step, make sure your CTA tells them what they can do next. 

Your call-to-action could be Sign Up or Download Free Whitepaper or Add Your Name to My Newsletter. Just keep it simple and direct. No one wants to have to read through a bunch of text just to find out what action they should take! 

7) Optimize For Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets are now in every pocket, which is why you’ll want to optimize your lead magnet content for mobile devices. 

While many lead magnets have built-in click-to-email links, it might be a good idea to include a clickable image of your lead magnet and a separate text link that directs people back to your website. 

This allows users who view your email on their phone or tablet device still have an opportunity to follow through with a landing page visit. 

Alternatively, you can also create a PDF version of your email so recipients can take action at any time. It may take additional time to create both versions, but these steps will make sure your leads can interact with whatever marketing materials they choose—no matter what device they’re using at that moment. 

You can easily accomplish both tasks by creating another word document, adding images within PowerPoint (or Keynote) and simply exporting as a PDF. Keep in mind that if you use Dropbox or Google Drive instead of your main email provider’s inbox, you might need to adjust some settings before finalizing your emails. 

Don’t forget! Ensure each step in getting prospects from entry point all the way through becoming buyers starts by having a targeted call-to-action after establishing why they should care.

8) Personalize Your Lead Magnet Landing Page Experience

When creating a lead magnet, you must make your content useful, but you must also present it in a way that looks great and puts visitors at ease. Customizing your landing page for each visitor can help you achieve both of these goals.

Personalizing your lead magnet landing pages will help you convert more visitors into leads by focusing on their needs and giving them exactly what they want. However, it’s important not just to personalize what you offer users on your lead magnet landing pages, but how it’s delivered as well. 

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Make sure everything is simple and intuitive so that even people who are unfamiliar with email marketing won’t have trouble using your forms or following through with your offers. 

You can also use behavioral targeting within an email marketing platform like MailChimp to ensure every one of your lead magnets is presenting precisely what someone wants to see—whether they are interested in webinars, podcasts, or downloadable tools specifically geared toward their role at work. 

Even if you are only looking to increase sales or awareness rather than collecting names (which should be your ultimate goal), personalized email messaging provides unparalleled data collection capabilities that enable you to learn about your customers, prospects, and partners better than ever before.

What kind of personalized emails do we mean? There are several types: 

  • Customer communications
  • Campaign-based interactions
  • Transactional messages
  • Newsletters
  • Giving something back (like loyalty programs)
  • Collaborative research surveys 
  • Creative ideas for gifts for those individuals on your list.

9) Get More Subscribers By Sharing On Social Media Platforms, Like Pinterest, Twitter

The main purpose of creating a lead magnet is to increase the number of subscribers in your email marketing list. Building your social media presence first is a terrific way to attain this aim faster.

You can dramatically build your list by sharing your lead magnet on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram and asking people who follow you if they’d want a copy.

In addition, you can incentivize new subscribers with either access to extra content or special offers that are only available to those on your email list. 

For example, one company I worked with decided to offer a free e-book about managing money as an incentive for subscribing to their email newsletter; all recipients had access to an online version, but those who opted in got a downloadable PDF as well. 

This simple lead magnet trick increased signups by almost 60 percent. Not bad!

If you want more subscribers, try sharing your lead magnet on social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms offer built-in analytics so you can track engagement, click-throughs, and other metrics. 

You boost your chances of establishing an engaged audience who will be eager about what you have to share with them in future emails by sharing your lead magnet on social media channels that are relevant to your business or brand.

10) Celebrate With an incentive/reward/prize giveaway when you hit certain milestones

An incentive can be as simple as a reward for hitting a milestone when creating a lead magnet for your business, a point may come when you’re demotivated or feeling stuck

It’s a good idea to give yourself some small prizes as you complete certain milestones. You may think giving yourself an incentive or reward will make you lose your focus or not want to work, but it actually encourages positive behavior. 

The best part is that these incentives don’t have to be big or cost a lot of money—you can give yourself something as simple as ice cream after each milestone. Plus, it might just help motivate you along the way to create more lead magnets

Alternatively, when creating a lead magnet, you could add that as you get to certain milestones such as when you hit a certain number of subscribers or page views, or launch a new product or service.

You will celebrate by giving away free products or something like an Amazon gift card or announcing milestone prizes that you’ll offer your readers when they sign up. For example, say you’re going to do a raffle for tickets/gift cards if someone refers 5 new people

You can even go one step further and give them more contest entries (ten instead of one) if they refer more than one person to subscribe (bonus points) or purchase something (give bonus discounts). The incentive increases stronger with each buddy introduced!

You’ll be able to give bigger prizes that your audience will enjoy as you get traction. There are two Amazon gift cards available: a $100 Amazon gift card and a $50 Amazon gift card. Begin with little awards and then increase them as your participation increases. The most important thing is to maintain interest in your business, blog, and social media accounts! 

This is a tested and effective strategy for creating a lead magnet that will turn your business around for good


In growing your email list for your email marketing, creating a lead magnet is one of the most effective strategies to get a better and faster results. But a lot of people are faced with the challenges of doing it right, that’s why I came up with these 10 Tips to creating a lead magnet hoping it will improve your email marketing efforts.

If you have further questions or concerns, you can leave a comment down below.

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